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Beginning Graphic Design Color

How To Make Your Graphic Design Come Alive Using Color [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without color? Colors not only make our world more fun and pleasing, they can also send important messages and evoke moods. That’s why they play a key role in design. Learning about which colors to use and when can seem intimidating, but has made…

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How Photographers Can Use Instagram to Score More Clients

Instagram is the ultimate social media platform for photographers. The once obscure social network now has over 150 million users, making it more accessible than the formerly ubiquitous Twitter. Instagram is a very simple but highly effective photo sharing platform. Following some recent changes, now users can share video as well. Unlike with social media…

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Photo Sharing Sites

15 Best Photo Sharing Sites for Photographers

Technology has definitely brought manna falling down from heaven for photographers who have always found exposure (their own, and not their pictures’, pun intended) a challenge. In the past, photographers needed to fund their own exhibits, or hunt for willing capitalists who can fund the process of spreading word about their art. You can also…

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Ticket Designs

40 Ticket Designs That Will Inspire You

Planning an event can be stressful to your creative brain. There’s so much to do and prepare! You have to worry about the guest list. Invite the wrong people, and your image could be ruined forever. Invite the right ones, and people would want to get on that list as well. You have to think…

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