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collage of fitness and training logo designs

30 Cleverly Designed Fitness Logos for Your Inspiration

Any business logo aims to do one thing best – to represent the brand and show the world what it stands for, no matter what industry the business may be part of. A logo of any bank or financial institution, for example, is often very professional and shows stability and trust. Look at a logo…

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Swiss Graphic Design

100 Magical Examples of Swiss Graphic Design

The Swiss Style has taken over the design world, creeping into our daily lives without warning. Some people actually call it International Style, and once you find out where the Swiss Style comes from, the alternate name makes complete sense. You see, just because it’s “Swiss” does not mean it came solely from Switzerland. It…

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event invitation inspiration

40 Ambitious Event Invitation Design Ideas

For as long as we could remember, event invitations have always been a huge thing. The designs may have evolved. What used to be cool back then may not be as appealing now. But the fact that people plan for these invites for a long time still remain. Why is there such a huge fuss…

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Hipster Tattoos

40 Cool Hipster Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Getting inked is not just about jumping in on a trend. It’s a lifetime commitment, something that you can never make rash decisions about. Sure, there will always be the option to cover it up or have it removed later on. But that basically defies the very essence of getting a tattoo. So the moment…

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15 Inspirational Portfolio Website Themes For Designers and Photographers

Finding the perfect portfolio theme to display your work isn’t always an easy task. There are thousands of WordPress themes that support image galleries but only a few are tailored specifically to the needs of the photography and graphic design community. With full-screen images, modern typography, shop integration, and multiple styling options, these WordPress portfolio…

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