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Yellow Coupe Ferrari

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of 2018 So Far

Today’s cars are so much more than modes of transportation. You can consider them pieces of “rolling art.” Rolling art that, to the wealthiest of the wealthy, means dropping a considerable amount of money in the most flamboyant (and spectacular)...

beautiful modern kitchen with morning light shining in-min

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stylish

You want to make a change to your home and to give it something of an update, a new look that you can enjoy for years to come. You want it to be stylish and aesthetically pleasing, naturally. One of...

A Detailed Look At Portfolio UI:UX Trends For Creatives

A Detailed Look at Portfolio UI/UX Trends for Creatives

Designing a great portfolio is tougher than it seems. There are so many creative disciplines from photography to UI to painting and writing, all of which need to present work differently. I want to share some practical design tips for...

assorted color tags inside a retail clothes store

6 Most Preferred Website for Buying Ultra-trendy Clothes (At Affordable Prices)

There are numerous online shopping sites for women’s clothes. Accept it or not, but, we are all looking for online stores that offer ultra-trendy clothes that are unique as well as inexpensive. Therefore, along with being stylish, you can also...

young woman holding louis vuitton duffle bag

10 Fashion Brands with Winning Visual Identities

Brand identity takes an entire new meaning in the fashion industry. Usually, it consists of all elements that make your brand recognizable. These are logo, font styles, key colors and additional color pallets. However, when you’re in the fashion industry,...

Spitonys pizza night

How to Take Perfect Pictures of Your Food (10 Food Photography Secrets)

Today those who are fans of photographing delicious food are larger in number than those who like just to eat. Are you among to the first group? Here are 10 professional food photography tips. A beautiful shot differ from a...