Inspiration | - Part 5


65 Creative Pumpkin Carving Designs

pumpkin-carving-desings We want you to get creative and design a kick-ass pumpkin this Halloween. So today, we present 60 beautiful pumpkin carving designs for your inspiration. In this collection you will find a variety of interesting designs ranging from movies to video games. If you’ve made your pumpkin already, feel...
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Inspiring Offices: 10 Creative Workspace Environments

creative-office-workspace Workplaces – much like the work that goes on in them – have changed a lot since the stuffy days of badly cut suits and beige cubicles. Somewhere around the 90s Internet start-up boom, techy 20-somethings began whizzing around abandoned factories on segways and tricycles. Larger companies began considering the...
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NFL Redesigned: 32 Fresh Football Team Logos

football-logos-redesigned While I was on Reddit the other day, I ran into something pretty incredible. I found a very talented designer named Max O’Brien. Over the off-season he decided to take on a personal project of redesigning all 32 NFL team logos. His passion for football clearly shows, because you must have...
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Bandopoly: What if Music Bands Had Icons?

rolling-stones Bandopoly is a creative side project by Mark Szulyovszky. This fun spin on band posters focuses on illustrating famous band by only using icons. Originally, Mark came up with this idea while working on an icon only app which teaches users a foreign language. One night he started to entertain himself by...
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5 Creative Outside Studio Pods

studio-pod If you live by yourself and experience little to no distractions from the outside world, then these Pods might not be for you. However if you’re tired of your noisy house, why not opt-in for a a secondary structure to put on your property? Having a quiet and peaceful retreat...
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20 Inspiring and Beautiful Typographic Quotes

beautiful Quotes are very inspirational. They make us think and often change the way we view life. They constantly challenge our perspectives and force us to rethink what we believe. The secret to making a quote more memorable is good design. Both unify together and provide inspiration in a variety of...
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Advertising Done Right: 40 Clever Examples

40-Clever-Examples Today we’ve got a great showcase for you. We collected clever print, newspaper, billboard, and magazine ads for your inspiration. What make these ads different from others? They ‘re well thought out. They share their message loud and clear. They’re highly creative. They’re blatantly honest. These ads are also...
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