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RetroGlitch Photoshop Bundle Download

How Retroglitch Photoshop Bundle Helps You Go Old-School

There’s something about nostalgia effects (e.g. B&W, 18th century line effects, etc.) that certainly catches the eye when it comes to design. All generations appreciate a little peak from the past. These effects not only bring back wistful feelings, but...

/ July 7, 2017
Mandala Creator Pro Floral Edition Download

Mandala Creator Pro Lets You Create a Custom Mandala In Minutes

A mandala is a beautiful representation of the universe. Used as a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas are also a key part in meditation practices. If you like meditation – or you simply are looking for...

/ June 19, 2017

30 Beautiful Things Made With Photos from Unsplash

You know that old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Although some writers would beg to differ, it is undeniable that a powerful photo speaks for itself. People are visual creatures. This is why it’s common for books...

/ December 26, 2016

Movie Scene Guns replaced with a ‘Thumbs Up’

Let's be honest, tough guys don’t need guns. They just need a positive attitude! To realize this concept a photoblog called Thumbs & Ammo, uploads photoshopped movie characters giving you an encouraging thumbs up. It quite funny how a simple thumbs...

/ May 31, 2013

Priceless Humor: Celebrities Photoshopped as Ordinary People

New York-based artist Danny Evans was frustrated with the media over-retouching all the celebrity photos, so he decided to do something about it. He started a fan page on Facebook called Celebrities Make Under and began uploading retouched images without the glamour....

/ April 15, 2013

Fascinating Photo-Manipulations by Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso was born in Milan the 30th of May in 1976. He approached the world art at the beginning of 1990s for the first time in his life. His passion for graphic arts started with the fascination of graphical skate decks...

/ March 13, 2013

30 Colorful Photos of Autumn

Autumn is the time of year when summer transitions into winter. Photographers and tourist love this time of year because of its utter beauty. The unique colors of nature shifts from green, yellow, to orange. Today we collected some beautiful images for...

/ October 17, 2012

Online Dating Profiles of Superheros

As our life gets more busier, we often turn to online dating websites to help up find that special someone. Having an algorithm find our soul-mate might sound weird, however it has proven to be successful for many happily married couples....

/ June 19, 2012