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40+ Quotes That Will Give You The Chills

chilling-quotes Words! Words can be as simple as a few dozen letters on a white sheet of paper, yet they can be overwhelming strong. Words can enrage us into a fury. They can make us feel empty and alone. They can make us smile and they can make us cry....
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21 Quotes That Will Change the Way You See Education

Quotes-That-Will-Change-the-Way-You-See-Education The moment you become aware of your existence, you start learning. In school, you are confined into a system that you trust will teach everything you should know. But, do you really know what education is or its role in your life? Find out what educators, writers, and philosophers...
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Infuse Your Heart: 60 Brilliant Quotes

Infuse-Your-Heart---60-Brilliant-Quotes Quotes illuminate the world. They infuse our hearts with powerful feeling and ideas. They have the ability to resonate with ignorant and intelligent people. When great thinkers pass away, their words of wisdom continue to live. Their ideas punch us in the mouth and make us snap out of the day-to-day bullshit...
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60 Motivational Quotes for Sport Lovers

sports-quotes Sports are the ultimate form of competition. Just like businesses compete in the stock market financially, sports teams in different leagues compete against each other trying to outsmart, out hustle, and out perform their competitors. I believe that humans are naturally competitive. If there was nothing to do on...
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70 Quotes About Love and Relationships

quotes-about-love If you’ve ever experienced a relationship, I’m sure you’d agree that they range from happy, to sad, and sometime overly complicated. Relationships aren’t easy, they constantly have to be worked on. You could easily compare a relationship to a house. If your house has a broken window, you’re not going...
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60 Philosophical Quotes on Life

What-if-you-realized-how-powerful-you-are Allow me to ask you a simple question. Have you ever thought about death? Go ahead, take a moment and really think about it. Picture yourself laying on a hospital bed, knowing that you only have a few more days to live. Just imagine that feeling. Overwhelming can’t even describe...
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60 Inspirational Quotes for Up-and-Coming Architects

Inspirational-Quotes-for-Up-and-Coming-Architects Architecture is all around us. The process of planning, designing, and constructing is an artform within itself. Just like we admire historical constructions, architecture plays an important role for future generations to witness our cultural achievements. The creative manipulation encompasses our intellectual ideas to become a reality with carefully planned drawings, specifications, and...
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