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Failure Is Success In Progress by Sean McCabe (1)

30 Incredible Hand Letterings from Instagram Artists

There’s just something so appealing about things that seem to have been made by hand. Noticed the rise in DIY gurus, helping people out with their events and little home projects? Indeed, the hand is such a mighty weapon that...

/ December 2, 2016
Top 10 Hipster Fonts

Top 10 Hipster Fonts

The term “hipster” conjures different thoughts in different people. For some, plaid button-ups and well-trimmed beards spring to mind. For others, retro authenticity and trendy coffee shops are the hallmarks of this iconic style. Either way, the hipster ideals are...

/ May 21, 2015

25 Perfect Professional Typefaces for Advertising

For a lot of beginners, the job of choosing fonts is a bit baffling. There are unlimited choices—from the typical ones to the elaborate styles—with no means of understanding the choices, only endless lists of recommendations. Choosing the right font...

/ April 29, 2015

12 Charming Hand Lettered Quotes by Neil Tony Porter

Neil Tony Porter is a Hand Letterer and Graphic Designer from London. He helps build magical brands at the entertainment company Mind Candy. Neil has a passion for children’s branding, typography, and visual story. He recently contacted me to show...

/ March 2, 2015
Typography Posters

40 Sexy Typography Posters to Stimulate Your Creativity

In this time and age when wall designs and table knick-knacks are used to produce Instagram-worthy photos, typography and hand-lettered designs are more popular than ever. Every now and then you look for a quote online to express what you...

/ February 17, 2015
Hand lettering artists

Meet 10 Hand Lettering Artists You Should Know

Lettering can easily be described as the art of drawing letters. A great deal is put into hand lettering to make a design look flawless. However, the principle is simple: it’s a specialized blend of letter forms designed for a...

/ January 9, 2015

Astonishing Hand Lettering by Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a hand lettering artist and type designer currently living in San Antonio, Texas. His passion for hand lettering and typography has recently turned into a successful business. In March 2014 Sean launched Learn Lettering, an online video course that educates people...

/ May 2, 2014

20 Inspiring and Beautiful Typographic Quotes

Quotes are very inspirational. They make us think and often change the way we view life. They constantly challenge our perspectives and force us to rethink what we believe. The secret to making a quote more memorable is good design. Both...

/ October 4, 2013

25 Examples of Kerning Gone Wrong

Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between individual letter forms. It’s mainly used in typography to achieve visually pleasing spacing over a range of characters. Modern software programs usually provide an autokerning feature, however it’s rarely a sufficient alternative for...

/ September 20, 2013

20 Truly Unique & Creative Typefaces

Have you ever wanted to make your design projects stand out from all the rest? Having a unique typeface that isn’t like anything else out there will definitely do the trick to help you make a big impact in either...

/ September 13, 2013