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Confessions of a Designer by Anneke Short

quotes-about-design The design field holds many preconceptions. People don’t understand the thought process of a designer and most likely a developer. This collection of quotes showcase some of the most common quotes that designers say. Anneke Short has crafted the following minimal posters regarding this manner. “Personally, I would say...
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20 Robust Typography Artworks by Jessica Hische

Jessica-Hische Jessica Hische is a letterer, illustrator, and crazy cat lady known for her silly side projects and occasional foul mouth. She grew up in Pennsylvania, raised by two non-creatives that decided it would be OK to let their little girl pursue a seemingly impractical career. Jessica ended up attending a wonderful art...
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45 Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design #9

fresh-to-death With an almost two month dry period, we thought it was time for another typography inspiration post! Today we present you the latest findings from the wonderful world of typography design. We hope this collection will serve as a great resource for your typography inspiration. All the following works were hand-picked...
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45+ Enlightening Quotes and Pieces of Advice

Uplifting-Quotes Julian Bialowas is a Photographer & Graphic Designer based in Canada. While juggling his final year of design school and freelance work, he ran two big personal projects:365q and 16HOURS. 365q was intentionally created to inspire, motivate and get you out there. All of the quotes were collected from books, newspapers, articles, lectures, conversations, films,...
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40 Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design #8

Typography-Design It’s been a really long time since we did our last installment series of “Remarkable Examples Of Typography Design.” To be precise, the last post was way back in early February, 2012. With a two month dry period, we thought it was time for an update! Today we present...
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Hand Lettered Chalk Typography By Dana Tanamachi

ana-Tanamachi Dana Tanamachi is a graphic designer and custom chalk letterer living in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating in 2007 with a BFA in Communication Design from The University of North Texas, Dana moved to New York City to design Broadway show posters at Spotco—a leader in arts and live entertainment branding. In...
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30 Uniquely Designed Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. This single event is probably the most important in every couples life. You are taking an oath to be with your soul-mate for the rest of your life. Wedding traditions and customs vary...
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