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10 Websites with Killer Landing Pages

killer-landing-pages Having a killer landing page with large and prominent CTAs is the key to increasing your conversion rate, gaining more customers, and increasing sign-ups. You want your landing page to incorporate enough information that you potential customers know who you are and what you do, without overwhelming them with...
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20 Tumblr Blogs You Should Be Following

Tumblr-Blogs Tumblr is one of those websites that I could spend days on, just looking around for inspiration, wasting time, or just for a good laugh. There are so many blogs that share interesting images, cool stories, meaningful thoughts, and inspiring quotes. Today, I’ve compiled a list of tumblr blogs...
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8 Great Redesigns of Popular Websites & Apps

amazon-redesign Nothing or nobody is perfect. The same goes for websites. Every single website on the web could always use some sort of improvements. Today we will showcase great redesigns of popular websites and apps by great designers from Dribbble, Forrst, deviantArt, and Behance. The designers behind these redesigns took this massive...
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30 Outstanding Full-screen Websites

Full-screen-Websites I think full-screen websites provide a vivid experience for the user. Seeing the entire picture, rather that a boxed layout, is very pleasing and makes me feel like I’m virtually visiting a new real estate. I know that might sounds a bit out there, but it’s the way I...
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10 Examples of BuddyPress Based Websites

buddypress BuddyPress is an open source social networking software used for developing professional social networks.  For the uninitiated, BuddyPress enables you to create fully featured niche social networks within a few minutes. It allows your users to sign-up and create their personal profiles, build connections, interact with other users in...
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25 Well Designed Event Websites

25-Well-Designed-Event-Websites Creating a website for an event is the smart thing to do. Why? Because people will constantly ask you about the speakers, dates, times, price, programs, attendees, venue, partners, etc. Answering a few small questions here and there isn’t too difficult, however if every single person drowns you in...
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Developing a Website? 26 Components to Consider Before you Start

26-Component-to-Consider-Before-you-Start The following infographic by Pixaal, lists 26 things you must consider before developing a website like choosing a domain name, finding a reliable host, thinking about the design, outlining what kind of content you will publish, etc. Without a doubt, this infographic is definitely targeted toward beginners. So if you’re already...
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