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Top 35 CSS Galleries For Web Design Inspiration

Whenever I’m in search of website design ideas, i always visit CSS galleries to get my dose of inspiration. People argue that it’s stealing other designers’ ideas, not exactly this is called inspiration. Its not like I’m using screen/print button...

/ December 10, 2010

31 Creative Beer Based Websites

Some of the best commercials during the Super Bowl usually come from the beer manufacturers. As you may know the beer industry has many creative minds at the wheel. For this reason we decided to collect some beautiful beer/brewery based...

/ November 24, 2010

30 Beautifully Hand Crafted HTML5 Websites

HTML5 is the new web standard, it defines many elements and attributes that can be seen under the hood. This markup language currently offers tons of great features and benefits the developer with brilliant forms, new canvas elements, readable codes,...

/ November 16, 2010

35 Examples of Pink Web Design

As you may know National Breast Cancer Awareness is in October. This year they are celebrating 25 years of awareness, education, and empowerment. To help celebrate, we decide to contribute a showcase of beautiful pink websites. This is the least we...

/ October 13, 2010

30 Awesome Faithful Church Websites

Churches these days are catching up to the latest trends. You can see their effort through website designs. To look professional and hip is not easy, but we have managed to find some amazing churches who spread the good word and...

/ August 8, 2010

55 Examples of Minimalistic Web Design

Minimalistic web design always held a strong influence on designers. Most people argue and have different opinion on what minimal design should be. One thing we can all agree on, is that simplicity is king. Here are some beautiful websites that...

/ July 5, 2010

45 Great Examples of V-card Designs

Electronic business cards, know as V-cards were started by Tim Van Damme( first website in the roundup). The main goal of the V-card, is to display your information, portfolio, and social networks. Tim’s innovation inspired may others to follow, and...

/ June 29, 2010
twitter backgrounds

68 Creative Twitter Background Designs

By designing a creative twitter background you can attract new customers. I can guarantee you that any visitor will click on your website link in the description box, if you have an eye catching wallpaper. The following designs are great examples...

/ June 16, 2010

49 Creative iPad Application Websites

Ever since the iPad has been released, the application market has been growing rapidly. If you are a web designer looking to get some inspiration for an iPad based web design, this  resource will help. Most of designs show the...

/ June 12, 2010
illustration websites

80 Dazzling Examples of Illustration Websites

Illustration can add a fun/innovative vibe to your websites theme. The goal of the illustration should be used to grab the readers attention and showcase your talent. Lately there has been an increased amount of illustrated websites. This trend has...

/ June 8, 2010