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Conceptual iPhone Photography from Brock Davis

Brock Davis is a Minneapolis based artist, creative director, thinker, and maker. Brock has worked in advertising for the past 17 years and is recognized  for creating ground-breaking work. Do you can recall the memorable “Messin’ With Sasquatch” campaign from Jack Links Beef Jerky?...

/ January 9, 2013

Now and Then: The Sad Downfall of Detroit is a website dedicated to exploring and photographing abandoned buildings in Detroit. If you haven’t realized it by now, Detroit has been facing some serious social and economic challenges for quite some time. Throughout “Now and Then” you will witness the dramatic...

/ December 31, 2012

Portrait of Thought by Dagna Napierala

Our thought underlies almost all human actions and interactions. When you’re walking down the street, you can look at somebody right in the eyes yet have no clue about their state of intellectual activity. The phenomenology movement in philosophy saw a radical change...

/ December 24, 2012

A Guide to Getting the Best from your Backgrounds

Too often we focus on the ‘subjects’ of our photography: whether it’s a model, a landscape, or even a flower. But, what inevitably is simultaneously captured is the surrounding area, and ultimately this becomes the background for your pictures. Sometimes,...

/ December 19, 2012

Face Paint Portraits by Andy Alcala

In a series called “Face Artists”, Andy Alcala, takes self portraits of his own face with works of iconic artists such as Warhol, Magritte, Van Gogh, Pollock, Mondrian, and many others. “This series of images was created to show art at...

/ December 18, 2012

Balanced Gravity Art by Michael Grab

Rocks are among the oldest of primitive tools. Many cultures from across the globe have practiced the art of balancing rocks for several centuries. In balance, their purposes range from marking human presence to giving thanks to meditative nature art. Michael Grab has perfected...

/ December 17, 2012

Real World Counterparts Replaced by Cheap Souvenirs

When most people go to a landmark or tourist attraction, they take home a little souvenir to remind them of their trip. Michael Hughes on the other hand, takes it to another level. As the title suggests, Michael utilizes miniature souvenirs while...

/ December 14, 2012

85 Killer Photography Tips for Beginners

1. Gather photography information as much as you can. To begin with your career in photography at the right path, you need to gather more information about it first. Gathering information would provide you guidance on the right steps that you...

/ December 13, 2012

Top 30 Realistic Cake Designs

Cakes are soft, sweet, and full of yummy ingredients like; flour, shortening, eggs, sugar, etc. Unlike the regular round/square shaped cakes that have been around for centuries, we decided to focus on cakes that went above and beyond of what’s expected. Today for...

/ December 11, 2012

Jellyfish Madness by Alexander Semenov

Alexander Semenov is a graduate of Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the department of Zoology. He specialized in the study of invertebrate animals, with an emphasis on squid brains. Soon after, Alex began working at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS)...

/ December 10, 2012