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The Outer Child Portraits by Cristian Girotto and Quentin Curtat

Inside everyone of us there’s a young core, instinctive, creative but also innocent and naive. What would happen if this concept was completely revealed? L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child) showcases this possibility, showing us portraits of adults as little children....

/ December 10, 2012

Make Money by Selling Your Photos

Anyone can be a photographer. Anyone can sell their photos and make money from their photos. This is not to say that everyone will have equal talent at photography, nor will everyone have equal success at making money from photography,...

/ December 7, 2012

10 Awesome How-To’s: Learn to Shoot Sportsmen, Night Streets, Sunsets, and Much More

Of course, the instructions are dull and uninteresting. Still, if you want to learn something new, for example, a technique of shooting amazing portraits or taking macro pictures, you would browse the web till you’ll find a right guide. Here...

/ November 29, 2012

Twilight Photography: Capturing the Colors

Though most people are of the opinion that photography starts after sunrise and ends with sunset, the reality is that the most productive time for photography is the twilight hours. Most outdoor photographers consider the sun dropping below the horizon...

/ November 27, 2012

More Than Human Project by Tim Flach

Tim Flach is a photographer best known for his highly conceptual portraits of animals. His images are a departure from traditional wildlife photography and he has been described as “a potent example of a commercially trained photographer who’s now reaching...

/ November 20, 2012

Ghosts of War Project by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse

“Ghosts of History” is a photo series created by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse. The idea behind this project is to combine the images of the past and present. The results are very touching and feel like you are traveling back in...

/ November 19, 2012

Surreal Fashion & Beauty Photography by Tommas

Visionary image-maker TOMAAS creates cinematic, surreal, yet realistic fashion and beauty imagery. His edgy signature style is vibrant, dramatic and subtle. His exceptional selection of locations entices him to intimately capture his subjects and their environment. TOMAAS’ work exemplifies a...

/ November 16, 2012

Sensational Photos & Videos Taken with a GoPro Camera

GoPro makes the world’s most versatile camera. If you’ve been under a rock, GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others. The company was formed by Nick Woodman. Woodman said he was inspired to start the company following a...

/ November 13, 2012

Life in Indonesia by Taufik Sudjatnika

Life has many ups and downs, but overall provides a wonderful experience. The incredible photos you will see below were taken in the heart of Indonesia by Taufik Sudjatnika. The following images are heart touching and will make you feel alive. Seeing...

/ November 12, 2012

30+ Soothing Photographs by Peter Zeglis

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1983, Peter Zéglisis a self-taught photographer and Civil Infrastructure Engineer with a background in graphic design and classical arts. We stumbled upon his photos on Behance and decided to share them with you today. You...

/ November 9, 2012