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How to Shoot an Outdoor Portrait

There are many different ways to take a picture, shoot a portrait, snap a shot. Whatever you want to call it, there are a variety of techniques to use when capturing the perfect shot. Looking to utilize Mother Nature’s splendour...

/ September 2, 2015

20 Stunning Photos of City Skylines

Not everyone is built to enjoy the life in the city. But regardless if you’re a city-dweller or a city-visitor, during sunset, position yourself at a vantage point where you are able to see the majority of the city skyline....

/ July 9, 2015
Canadian Rockies Reflection-min

Reflection Photography: 30 Magical Examples That Will Tickle Your Fancy

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have you ever stopped to realize the beauty of things around you? Sometimes, even simple reflections from a glassy surface can be such a thing of beauty....

/ June 4, 2015
Jaw Dropping Cinemagraphs

50 Jaw Dropping Cinemagraphs

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. This description would prove to be even truer if applied to a cinemagraph. From the term itself, you may notice the evident linking of the words “cinema” and “photograph” to create...

/ April 13, 2015
Vietnam Past and Present by Khánh Hmoong-min (1)

Vietnam Past and Present by Khánh Hmoong

Revisiting the past takes a whole new meaning with Khánh Hmoong’s photos. Hmoong, a photographer based in Vietnam, is famous for incorporating old photographs onto new ones. He takes landscape photos all over his country, holding a super-imposed old photo...

/ April 2, 2015
Lanzhou, China-min

50 Stunning Satellite Photos of the Earth

Do you have a one-dimensional view of everything around you? If that’s the case, you may be missing out on so many beautiful things. Sometimes, you really need to take the time to look at the world around you in a...

/ March 26, 2015
Yugoslavian Monuments by Jan Kempenaers-min

Photos of Futuristic Yugoslavian Monuments by Jan Kempenaers

Yugoslavia isn’t just famous for its tumultuous past that is filled with wars and political mobocracy. If you’re a fan of odd-looking art, you’ve probably heard of Yugoslavian monuments. These works of art are incredibly off-the-wall when it comes to...

/ March 23, 2015

Fun and Creative Food Art by Hong Yi

Hong Yi, often goes by the nickname Red, is Malaysian artist-architect. Hong was born and raised in Malaysia, then studied in Australia, and studied a bit more in Holland. After graduating as a Master of Architecture, she took up an offer to work...

/ March 16, 2015

10 YouTube Channels for Photography Beginners

Taking up photography as a new hobby to explore is an amazing thing to do. Photography is one of those arts that can express your personality better. However, a lot of people who want to tackle photography get intimidated by...

/ March 5, 2015
desert photography

35 Gorgeous Examples of Desert Photography

A lot of people tend to think that the desert is a barren and lifeless place that is devoid of all beauty, but they are wrong. Sure, the desert is a harsh and dangerous place that could very possibly kill...

/ March 4, 2015