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8 Photographs to Take Before You Die

Photos-to-take-before-you-die It might be a dream of yours to tour Europe or sing the national anthem at the Superbowl. But whether or not you have an actual bucket list written down, you should have a separate “bucket list” of photographs you want to take before you leave. Everyone has their...
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30 Beautiful Photographs of Cities from Around the World

beautiful-cities Cities are incredible. If you take a moment and think about how fast our technology evolved in the last 200 years, you’ll be amazed. The evolution of mankind has skyrocketed as well as the need for Earth’s resources. Essentially we’re a bunch of ants on a rock that’s floating in...
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40 Amusing Perfectly Timed Photos

perfectly-timed-photos Every single day billions of pictures are taken by people all around the world. With so many humans having the ability to capture light, the need for quality is essential. That’s where the Internet comes into play. Sifting through the nonsense, people on the web tend to gravitage towards...
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Photography for Philanthropy – Ways to do Good with Your Camera

Photography-for-Philanthropy If you are looking for a way to do good with your camera but you are not sure how, this post will help you with a few ideas to get started. Where to Start A good place to begin your journey of paying it forward with your camera is...
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Focus Stacking: Post Production Photography Using Precision and Patience

Post-Production-Photography The photography term ‘depth of field’ might appear to indicate a photographic effect of depth. This isn’t what the term means, though. Depth of field, in photography, is an effect where images appear sharply in focus only in a very narrow area. It’s the kind of effect you would...
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Photographer’s Ideas on Taking Great Pictures

Photographer's-Ideas-on-Taking-Great-Pictures What does it take to become a pro in the art of photography? Great pictures, probably? Some people were really born artists, and that is an edge especially if they make this craft as passion (not just a source of living or earning). So, how about you? Did you...
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6 Ways to Make Money from Photography

make-money-with-photography While many of us operate casually in life as a self-proclaimed photographer, less of us are able to make a living (or any money at all) from the hobby. It may not be your dream to take family Christmas photos, so here are some other interesting ways to make...
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