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30 Outstanding Examples of Gear and Gadget Photography

Gear-and-Gadget-Photography Do you remember waking up as a kid on Christmas morning? Do you remember the eagerness vibrating through your bones while you’re walking towards the tree? Do you remember the strong curiosity you would feel right before you’d open the gifts? For geeks like me, opening and experiencing new gadgets...
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30 Inspiring Examples of Levitation Photography

Levitation-Photography According to Google Trends, levitation photography has been on the rise since late 2010. This interesting concept was and still being used in various movies to impress the viewer. Liking the abstraction so much, photographers decided to replicate the same effect in their images. This small ‘floating’ movement spawned tons of...
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Landscape and Seascape Photography by Patrick Smith

Photography-by-Patrick-Smith At a first glance, you might think that Patrick is only a professional photographer. But when he’s not making art with his camera, he works as a statistical database programmer. According to Pat, his incredible photos have received over 15 million views on Flickr! Even though he’s humble, Pat has full bragging...
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Developed in a Rush: Amazing Photos Taken Using a Polaroid Camera

Polaroid-Camera The invention of the Polaroid camera was a big step in the advancement of photography. Aside from it being a nice and handy way of taking pictures, how much do we really know about the Polaroid camera? The Man Behind the Polaroid Edwin H. Land, American scientist and inventor,...
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Worst Photography Tips for Beginner Photographers

Photography-tips Horrible Tip #1: Only take pictures when the light is perfect. This also goes with the tip: you can only take beautiful pictures in a beautiful place. False! First of all, there is no such thing as “perfect” light. There are times when the light may be more suited...
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Eccentric City Silhouettes by Jasper James

Eccentric-City-Silhouettes-by-Jasper-James Jasper James is an adept photographer working in Shanghai and Beijing. He mainly takes editorial, advertising, and corporate based photos. Jasper’s personal photography ranges from portrait, travel, interiors, and concept driven projects like City Silhouettes. The following photos are from this ongoing project. Jasper had been shooting for the past few years...
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Dragon Ball Z-ing: Interesting Photo Trend Sweeping Japan

Dragon-Ball-Z-ing Remember how planking became hip for a few months or so? Everybody on the internet would upload the most ridiculous and completely unnecessary planking pictures just to get laugh. Well, trends come and go. And it’s time for something new. Dragon Ball is a long-running anime program with a...
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