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40 Lovely Examples of Macro Photography

Even though the human eye has about 576 megapixels, we’re still not capable of zooming in and examining tiny objects. Thanks to macro photography, a.k.a. macrography, we’re able to enjoy beautiful close-up photographs of very small subjects. To technically define a photograph as macro, the size of...

/ May 2, 2013

How to Restore and Preserve Antique Photos

Improper care, catastrophes, and damages from the environment can cause fading, tears, and scratches to your precious photographs. Even photographs that are stored may lose their quality over time. Thanks to modern day technology, damaged antique photographs can be easily...

/ April 26, 2013

Studio Lighting Techniques you Really Need to Know

With any type of photography, the lighting techniques you use will greatly affect the way your work looks, as will the choice of props you decide to use. Below are some lighting principles I abide by when carrying out photography...

/ April 24, 2013

30 Elevating Photos of Mountains

This Earth is filled with stunning landscapes. There’s nothing as breathtaking as gazing your eyes upon a beautiful mountain. Mother Nature’s tectonic forces create these stunning land-forms and you have the privilege to enjoy them. I’m very grateful for talented photographers who provide you...

/ April 22, 2013

Soothe Your Soul: 45 Exotic Beach Photographs

Having your feet buried in the sand while feeling a gentle breeze accompanied by the soothing sound of waves is an exotic experience. Many people take the beach for granted, while others appreciate the natural beauty and feel like they’re experiencing...

/ April 15, 2013

25 Remarkable Examples Of Shadow Photography

Shadows are known for emphasizing emotion and adding a sense of reality to a photograph. When taking shadow based images, be sure to take full advantage of the sun. After all it does dictate the contrast and feeling of your work....

/ April 9, 2013

20 Fascinating Space Photographs

When life gets you down, you should take a moment to zoom out and reevaluate your goals/actions. After a few minutes of pondering, you’ll come to a scary yet interesting conclusion. We are all on this tiny rock that is...

/ April 8, 2013

Groovy Zoo Portraits by Yago Partal

Yago Partal is a 29 year old photographer from Barcelona, Spain. His work consists of photography, illustration, and video. He recently finished a project titled “Zoo Portraits,” which can be found here: These portraits heavily remind me of Fantastic Mr. Fox. All the heads...

/ April 5, 2013

Spring Around the World: 25 Fascinating Cherry Blossom Photos

Spring symbolizes a new beginning. After the cold/harsh Winter, humans have the pleasure to witness the beautiful sight of nature. Blooming happens for a short period and it’s definitely worth a visit. For those who don’t have the time, we collected some incredible photographs of...

/ April 5, 2013

The Wonderful World of Steampunk

What is steampunk? In reality describing this term is a difficult thing to do. New ideas are always being mixed in, nonetheless I will try my best to answer it. Starting out as a subset of cyberpunk, steampunk is a sci-fi genre featuring steam-powered...

/ April 3, 2013