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8 Tips to Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Battery-life Smartphones have become essential in our day to day activities. We use smartphones to check our email, watch videos on Youtube, read news, listen to mp3s, take pictures, play games, etc. I can go on about how powerful that little device in your pocket is, but I’m pretty sure you...
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10 Amazing Photoshop Tutorials of 2013

flowers It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced user of Photoshop, there are literally thousands of tutorials scattered across the web that can teach you how to create just about anything you could ever dream up. It seems that with every single release, Photoshop becomes even...
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How to Setup A Podcast Interview

podcasting Why do interviews? Interviewing people on your own podcast show is a great way to: Tap into another person’s huge success by associating yourself with them, to their listeners and yours (sometimes referred to as the “Halo Effect”) Give you a chance to network with other people you want...
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40 Awesome Photo Effect Tutorials

Photo-Effect-Tutorials No matter how long you’ve been working with Photoshop, its abilities are always bound to impresses us. The modern world of social networks and mobile applications can help you to edit a shot and share it with friends in no time. But if you want to create something really amazing, go...
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20 Fresh Photoshop Tutorials

20-Fresh-Photoshop-Tutorials Adobe Photoshop is a very important software to learn. I’m sure you might be aware of its huge role in today’s society, media, and creative world. Today we have gathered 20 high quality Photoshop tutorials. The collection features some great photo manipulation techniques to help you freshen up your...
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35 Fresh Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Fresh-Text-Effect-Photoshop-Tutorials If you have Photoshop, it’s always a good idea to fresh up on your skills. I don’t care if you’re an expert or not, practice makes perfect. We are all students in life. Every single day you wake up there is a possibility to learn something new. If you have free time,...
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How to Increase Download Speed

Download-Speeds Often times people pay for high speed internet only to find that their download speeds are nowhere near “high speed”. If have broadband internet and you cannot get your download speeds to go faster than 50/kbs, then you are suffering from slow download speeds. Step 1. Before you set...
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