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Photoshop Tutorial: Underwater Turtle

This Photoshop tutorial comes to you from and will teach you how to create an beautiful underwater turtle photo-manipulation. Here are the images that you will need for this tutorial: Requirements: Underwater Image Optional Sky Waterfall Brush Island Turtle Water  Step 1 First...

/ March 22, 2012
How to draw people

Tutorial Roundup: How To Draw People

A lot of people think to draw you have to be blessed with a divinely orchestrated talent. It helps, but this is not true! Creating art, especially learning how to draw people, is a learned skill! You just have to have...

/ February 29, 2012
Pixelmator Image Editor for Mac

10 Inspiring Pixelmator Tutorials from PXM Tuts

Art and design is about bringing your imagination into reality and finding the most frictionless way to accomplish this goal. I’ve always had the need to create things, to get my ideas on paper, canvas, something, typically using analog mediums...

/ February 27, 2012
Photoshop Layer Styles

Useful Photoshop Layer Styles Tips and Tricks

Layer Styles are special effects that can be applied to Layers in Photoshop, and change the appearance of whatever contents that layer has. You can use them to get awesome results easily and quickly. This tutorial will show you some...

/ January 17, 2012
Mobile phone security

10 Tips to Remove a Virus from Your Cell Phone

With the help of wide range of cellphone devices and smartphones, you can now carry a device which almost resemble like a computer in your pocket. The fact is that these high end cell phone devices people use come with...

/ January 5, 2012
Multiplicity in Action Photoshop Tutorial

Multiplicity in Action Photoshop Tutorial

Multiplicity is a photography technique where several photos are taken of the same person doing different things in the chosen scene. All those photos are then digitally edited for instance, in Photoshop to show clones of the person doing different...

/ December 24, 2011
Photoshop Website Design Tutorials

30 Detailed Photoshop Website Design Tutorials

Whenever a designer/agency begins their web layouts, their software of choice is Photoshop. Apart from having a vast variety of uses, Photoshop destroys the competition. Design based school have licensed Photoshop and other Adobe software on almost every single computer....

/ December 7, 2011