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25 Must Have Photoshop Actions

premium-photoshop-actions A Photoshop action is a series of commands that you can record and later play back. For example, you can create an action which automatically sharpens your image. Each time you need to sharpen your image, you can simply press one button and somebody at Adobe will do the work...
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Top 5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

jabra revo If you’re a music lover, it’s most likely that you’ve tried a number of headphones. You’ve gone through one or two fantastic expensive ones, and perhaps quite a few cheap ones you find at convenience shops, and although you’ve found one or two you like, there’s one thing that...
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10 Must Have User Interface Books for Designers

brave-nui-world User interface design is all about how people actually interact with things. Many people go throughout the day not thinking about the elevator button they pressed, the mobile application they used, or the knob they turned in their car. I can go on all day listing things that we...
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Top 5 Bags and Backpacks for Your Computer and Camera

camera bag A few decades ago, choosing a backpack was easy since people never really carried things that needed extra special protection from dings and damages. These days though, it is an entirely different story and with more and more people carrying laptops and pricey cameras in their backpacks, there is...
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Gift Guide: 20 Perfect Office Gift Ideas

Perfect-Office-Gift-Ideas Your co-workers are kind of like your family, it’s nice to give them something thoughtful every now and then. But buying something on a personal level might be a bit of a challenge. You have to draw the line between fun and appropriate, without offending anyone. Therefore gifting your...
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40 Remarkable Art Deco Designs & Resources

playing cards Art Deco is characterized by strong lines and patterns, highly-defined shapes, and blocks of solid colors. This visual arts design first appeared in France after the First World War. In the 1920s, Art Deco flourished internationally and the world grew aware of its characteristics. It’s a kind of eclectic...
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30 Sexy Resume Templates Guaranteed to Get You Hired

resume Are you aiming to get that dream job of yours but don’t know where to start? Pay high priority to your resume. An impressive resume can go a long way and if you would like to make that positive impression, finding a good resume template to base your own...
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