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Create Stunning Memes with these 20 Comic Fonts

Since memes became popular online, everybody suddenly had an outlet for their opinions. The interesting thing about memes is the fact that it’s never straightforward. You need wit and a truckload of creativity to make it work. Of course, memes...

/ November 7, 2016
Harsh Typeface-min

20 Beautiful Blackletter Fonts You’ll Love

When it comes to fancy fonts, the Blackletter typeface often comes out as one of the most popular. You may be more familiar with the terms Old English or Gothic. Regardless of what name you know these letter styles by,...

/ September 9, 2016

30 Creative Web UI Kits That Will Save You Time and Money

UI kits save time and money – when working with an UI kit you have the real picture of the time you need to invest in a particular project. Design is already in place, and all that has to be...

/ July 20, 2016

Top 5 Portable Tripods for Amateur and Professional Photographers

A tripod is a vital camera accessory for every serious DSLR photographer. It’s a fixture that both professional and amateur shooters need. However, if you’re the kind of photographer who travels a lot for business and pleasure, bringing a bulky...

/ January 1, 2016
Flash Back by BLKBK

15 Rad 1980’s Fonts

Burn, baby, burn. The Brat Pack. Esprit. There are just three iconic references to the era where disco and John Hughes dominated the world – the 1980s. There’s something about the 80s that makes it a special decade for many...

/ December 2, 2015
Laukpauk PowerPoint Template

20 Outstanding Professional Powerpoint Templates

Giving a presentation is never easy. It takes you hours, days, and weeks to prepare for a single PowerPoint presentation. Especially if it’s for something huge, the content has to be truly mind blowing for it to become truly effective....

/ November 25, 2015
25 Must Have Calligraphy Fonts for Your Designs

25 Must Have Calligraphy Fonts for Your Designs

A huge part of any design is the text that comes with it. No matter how captivating your images are, without the right font choice to complement them, the end product would always lack the ingredient it needs to completely...

/ November 19, 2015

Top 5 Small Pico Projectors for Movie Lovers

Do you plan to wow your boss or professor with your project presentation? Or wish to have a movie marathon with your friends in your backyard? If so, you need a pico projector. Digital projectors are used every day –...

/ November 18, 2015
Magazine Covers Templates

20 Premium Magazine Templates for Professionals

As you’re waiting at your doctor’s office, inside the plane as you travel from one place to another, at a random office lobby as you await your appointment – something has, at one point, caught your eye about one magazine...

/ November 12, 2015

35 Beautiful Vintage Fonts for Your Designs

Vintage used to have a different appeal. You mention vintage in any crowd and they think old, tired, and uninspiring. People were in such a rush to move into the future that anything related to the past was considered as...

/ November 3, 2015