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20 Effectual HD Desktop Wallpapers from deviantART

Wallpapers-from-deviantART Is your desktop getting boring? If you said yes out loud to your computer, don’t worry you’re not crazy. Since most of us are stuck, either by choice or by force, in front of a computer then at least we need a good wallpaper to stare off into. Today...
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40 High Resolution Wallpapers from Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo I would like to start this article by saying that if Abduzeedo did not exist, neither would Inspirationfeed. I remember back in school I used to browse their inspirational site on my free time. Seeing the incredible designs curated from some of the best designers in the world really...
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20 Free and Frosty Winter Wallpapers

Winter Wallpapers We all would like to be able to walk through a winter wonderland sometimes. In many regions that is perfectly reasonable, since a snowfall comes every winter. But not all of us are so lucky – in fact, some of us dream of a white Christmas, but get palm...
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10 Top-Notch iPad Wallpaper Websites

iPad wallpapers websites Got an iPad or an iPad 2? Are you in search of a wallpaper that is actually good looking? If you have answered yes to both of the previous questions, then you are in luck! Today we have some industry-leading* wallpaper websites for your device. Usually there are tons...
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20 Beautiful Handpicked iPad & iPhone Wallpapers

iphone and ipad wallpapers Instead of seaching for wallpapers that fit only one mobile apple device, we thought “why not all?”  With the release of the iPhone on Verizon, millions of people that got the phone need to catch up. This is where we come in and help users spice up their backgrounds!...
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40 Stunning Scenery iPhone Wallpapers

iphone-wallpapers Some of us want to spice it up a little and have something extra in our iPhone/iPods. Today we have rounded up an amazing collection scenery based iPhone wallpapers. They are all 320 x 480, so you can go ahead right click and save them. If you have the 4th...
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138 Striking Ipad Wallpapers

ipad-wallpapers Back by a popular demand! Ever since our first post 40 Ravishing Scenery iPad Wallpapers we have recieved a large amout of traffic from Google. People are searching iPad wallpapers/backgrounds like crazy! Apple at this point has sold well over 3 million iPad’s. With this new target market created, iPad...
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