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The Year of Mobile: WordPress Plugins for Instant Responsive Design

With the rise in digital communications and the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, mobile internet is gaining momentum as the preferred way to access the web. Since 2010, mobile usage has increased 500 percent year-to-year with average smartphone usage...

/ February 18, 2013

5 Reasons You Might Not Want to Use WordPress

WordPress is the CMS of choice everywhere right now. No, scratch that! WordPress is the favorite site builder online today. Why? With over 70 million websites running on WordPress and almost half of the top 100 blogs using it, there’s...

/ January 22, 2013

Basic Knowledge about WordPress Loading Faster

Today we are going to go over some great tips for making your WordPress site load faster. Optimizing the WordPress site is the key to making it load faster. WordPress developers know the tricks to make this happen but average...

/ January 16, 2013

Get Noticed: Crucial SEO Tips for WordPress

If you want your WordPress site to get noticed then you have to do everything possible to get it ranked higher search engines. Today we’re going to go over some basic search engine optimization tips for WordPress. It’s not enough to produce...

/ January 7, 2013

Ways to Generate Rewarding Backlinks for WordPress Sites

Backlinks are nothing but bringing more traffic to the site. Search engines find the links in the website and by means of reliable content there, they produce more traffic to the site. Let us see the ways to generate rewarding...

/ December 4, 2012

Preparing WordPress For Tablets: Tools And Strategies

Smartphones have been hailed as the next best thing after desktop, grabbing the attention of website designers and marketers who wasted no time to cash in on the opportunity. But recent stats are painting an altogether different picture of the...

/ November 28, 2012

WordPress Secrets that Enterprise CMS Vendors Don’t Want you to Know

CMS as the name suggests is a software that is used to manage content on websites. There are big and powerful cms vendors available in the market today. They provide you with all the features and functions needed to set...

/ October 23, 2012

Do You Have Enough Bandwidth on Your WordPress Host?

Bandwidth provides a way for web hosts to measure network usage. There are WordPress hosts out there that offer accounts with unlimited bandwidth every month. There are also hosts that offer less expensive packages that come with limitations on how...

/ October 18, 2012

Custom Post Types for WordPress

A lot of premium themes in WordPress advertise their support for custom post types. Custom post types first became available in WordPress 3.0. Any premium WordPress 3.0+ theme should support them, because they are incredibly useful. Custom post types give...

/ June 18, 2012

How to Integrate the Internet Community Using WordPress?

Times of man’s dependence on the Internet has come. There are a tons of users who definitely want to leave their mark on the ever growing web. The easiest way to do so, is to create a website/blog/forum/portal. If you...

/ June 13, 2012