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How to Install Wordpress Hosting

5 Steps to Host a Website on WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress is an open-source website creation tool, it is the most accepted, powerful blogging and website Content Management System (CMS) today. It is the most popular platform for bloggers, vloggers, and small-medium business owners. Since it is open source, it can be modified as per your requirements. For bloggers who are starting up all you…

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How To Add Google Analytics to WordPress Multisite

Google Analytics is one of the most-used tracking services that provide website owners with an in-depth statistical analysis of the visitors to their websites. This is a highly useful venture that is available for free, though it comes as a paid package as well that contains extensive features. Marketers, advertisers and people interested in gaining…

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Custom Post Types for WordPress

A lot of premium themes in WordPress advertise their support for custom post types. Custom post types first became available in WordPress 3.0. Any premium WordPress 3.0+ theme should support them, because they are incredibly useful. Custom post types give you control over more than just your posts. In many premium themes, they are actually…

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