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According to Ofcom in 2011, 37% of adults and 60% of teens admitted to being highly addicted to their mobile phones. Indeed, when you also consider the ubiquity of such mobile devices as smart-phones and tablet computers from such big names as Apple, Samsung and Sony, not to mention the more mobile work patterns and lifestyles that have accompanied them, it’s not surprising that there are so many firms out there that are now investing in mobile web design.

After all, whereas it was once the case that you only really needed to build the design of a company website around the requirements of desktop PC users in order to extract the most revenue from online trading, the reality today is that more and more of these potential customers are now accessing the web much more frequently ‘on the go’ via their mobile devices. These are customers that are being continually targeted by companies that have long realised the value of mobile web design and application development, and they’re companies that are potentially robbing your firm of its own erstwhile customers.

Critical issues with mobile web design

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Nonetheless, there are various critical issues to mobile web design that you are going to have to carefully consider if you are to get the design of your own mobile company website right. These include ensuring that your mobile web-page has been designed with the smaller screen of a mobile phone or tablet computer in mind. You’ll also want to invest in mobile web design that ensures maximum usability, in addition to incorporating elements that really grab the attention and interest of the end user… much as is the case with traditional web design. In this instance, there is much to be learned from the smart-phone and tablet optimised applications of such major websites as Facebook.

A successful mobile website will be incredibly simple to navigate, not least given that mobile users are likely to have even less patience than users of desktop PCs as far as the need to journey through several pages to reach their desired destination is concerned. That makes it all the more important to ensure that the design of your mobile website is truly task oriented, with users requiring as few clicks as possible to reach those pages the actually provide them with that all-important information on your firm’s products or services.

Mobile content and branding

And of course, then there’s the actual content itself to consider, with the need existing to create content that doesn’t waste any time with jargon or that otherwise generally fails to get to the point as soon as possible. The users of your mobile site are unlikely to want to have to deal with cumbersome and lengthy sales pitching, or for that matter, impenetrable blocks of text. After all, your site’s visitors will want to accomplish the task that they chose to visit your site for, before swiftly leaving.

Finally, there’s the use of your company branding on your mobile website to consider… and the best mobile web design specialists, such as ourselves, will be able to rapidly create solutions that incorporate it, while offering the same general quality of experience as your desktop site does.

Above all, though, mobile web design should be concerned with ensuring maximum usability. It is, after all, the customers themselves that effectively pay for your site by investing in your firm’s products or services.

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