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If you want to own a successful business, you need to find a way to maintain loyal customers. Loyal customers will bring you most of your business. So why not reward them for choosing you over your competitors?

Show them that you appreciate their business. Don’t just say ‘thank you.’ Keep it interesting. Here are some creative, eccentric, and memorable ways to thank your customers and make them feel good.


1. Give them a relevant book.

If you have a book that inspired you to create your business or know of a related book, give your customer a copy. Make sure to leave a personal note.

2. Send them something sweet.

If you know your customer’s dietary habits, send them a treat like cookies or brownies. Everybody has a sweet tooth!

3. Send them a card on a typically unrecognized holiday.

They are used to getting Christmas or Birthday cards from businesses, but how about Winter Solstice? Let your customers know you’re thinking of them year round.

4. Send your customers gift cards.

Gift cards are nice because you don’t have to make too many assumptions about what your customers like. They are certainly appreciated, though.

5. Celebrate your business’s achievements with your customers.

If it’s your business’s 20th anniversary, do something with your customers. Remind them that they are the reason for your success.

6. Get lunch together.

This is a little gesture, but it means a lot. Your time is likely worth more to them than most gifts.

7. Feature certain customers.

If you have a particularly loyal customer that you would like to show appreciation to, call them out publicly. You can easily do this through a newsletter or other written mediums.

8. Throw your customers a party.

Everyone loves a party. Your customers will appreciate spending quality time with you and getting to know other customers.

9. Ensure that you have high quality customer service.

If you are polite and professional while dealing with customer issues, your customers will feel appreciated.

10. Give them something to remember you by.

If you have some merchandise, like pens or T-Shirts, with your business name on it, give it to your customers. They’ll appreciate it, and every time they look at it, they’ll think of you.

11. Impress a single customer.

Go really out of your way for one customer. They’ll appreciate it and word will get around. They may leave you a review online for everyone to see.

12. Spend time with a customer who is far away.

If you have customers in different cities and you’re in town, pay them a visit. They’ll be pleasantly surprised that you remembered them..

13. Give out free treats.

At your business front, if you have one, give out cookies or donuts to customers who come in. This will keep them coming back.

14. Give a customer a special discount for no reason.

If you have a loyal customer, show them your appreciation by giving them a special discount. Everyone loves saving money.

15. Tell them jokes.

Keep things lighthearted. When you interact with a loyal customer, they’ll feel closer to you if you are casual with them.

16. Teach them something that they don’t know.

If you have something related to your business that you can teach your customers, this is a good way to show them appreciation. For instance, if you own a lawn-care business, show them how to take care of their lawn in some way.

17. Offer online specials to customers through social media.

If you use Facebook or Twitter to promote your business, offering special deals to these online customers is a great way to get them to keep checking your page.

18. Upgrade their services free of charge.

Loyal customers would certainly appreciate an upgrade of their services. For example, if you own a cable company, give them some extra channels.

19. If your customers own a business, refer others to them.

Your customers would appreciate the extra business as much as you would. Send anyone their way that might be interested in their services.

20. If your customer has an achievement, celebrate it with them.

Whether it’s their birthday or a promotion, celebrate with them. If you’re their friend, they’re going to stick around.

21. Write notes to your customers.

This is one of the simplest, yet most powerful, ways you can show your customers that you appreciate them. A note is something that they can look back on fondly in the future.

22. Create a loyalty rewards program.

With a loyalty rewards program, you can offer special deals to your loyal customers. This makes them feel valued.

23. Donate to a charity in their name.

This is a really special gift, especially if the charity means something to them. This can show your customers both that you have a big heart and that you’re thinking of them.

24. Listen to their suggestions and keep them updated.

If a customer suggested a great idea to you and you implemented it, let them know. This makes them feel that their ideas are important to you.

25. Hold invitation-only sales.

These special sales make your customers feel special to be selected. They’ll keep coming back to your store during regular business hours.

If you own a business, you absolutely need to let your customers know how appreciative you are. Maintaining loyal customers can help your business succeed. Try to be creative in showing your appreciation, as it makes you seem more genuine. Good luck!

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