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It often happens that your whole life may depend on inspiration. You need to create a project, to draw a picture, to take a great photo, to design your room, to surprise your spouse… All situations when you may need inspiration are impossible to mention in one article. But sometimes inspiration is your job. If you are a writer or a blogger for example. You will agree, that it’s impossible to write interesting and exciting texts with no inspiration, will not you? But it is so cranky and inconstant…

I think that all of us have days, when we can’t find any inspiration to write even the simplest article ever. But there is no need to despair. I’ll share some tips with you that will help you find your inspiration when needed.

First of all, let’s see what “inspiration” actually is. Inspiration is a state of rise, when all your forces and emotions are directed at solving some creative problem. When a person is inspired, he is able to lead people and convince them he is right. And if you can’t find any inspiration at all, the following sources will help you get it when you need it most of all.

A walk


If you can’t find any ideas for an article, or if you can’t write a sentence, there is no need to torture yourself. The best variant here is to turn your laptop off and go for a long walk. Forget about all your problems and stress for a while. A walk helps you gather all your thoughts, and new ideas will appear and find you themselves.

Social networks

As far as we all know, they are very popular today. Do you remember how many times you check your Facebook or Twitter accounts daily? Take a look at other users’ profiles, check what they are interested in today, mark some topics that can be used by you later. Social networks can be an inexhaustible source of ideas.


Create a quizz and invite readers to share their opinions on different topics. The analysis of such a quizz may help you find a topic for your new article. Invite all your friends to take part in your quizzes. I am sure they will b glad to help you.


Don’t forget about our previous works. It can be very useful to re-read your published articles, essays, stories, or books to find some questions left to answer. Check the comments of your readers: maybe some of them ask you something that may become a source of your next work. Very often your reader is the best inspiration source for you: if you perfectly understand your target audience and follow its interests, you will always have something to write about.



This is the most pleasant way to find inspiration, and it’s unnecessary to go far away from home. You can visit a neighbor town or some countryside. Many people love traveling, and a change of scenery and new experience contribute to interesting ideas very often.


When you read a book or an article of other bloggers, it may help you find new ideas and awake your inspiration at once. Just don’t forget, that you shouldn’t copy the article of another author, even if it is a part of it. Share your own thoughts, agree or disagree with others, and always mention a source of all quotes, photos, or links used.


Yes, I know… It sounds too obvious, but still. Go in for sports! It will not only make your health better, but also help you find some ideas. Probably, you noticed that some interesting thoughts don’t come to us while working, but when we are in a gym, when we clean our room, or just walk. By the way, it would be great to have a pen and a textbook nearby to write all your thoughts down in order not to forget them once you come home.


Meet your friend and discuss different topics with them. Let it look like a real brainstorm. We all know, that two heads are always better than one; and you’ll be surprised how many interesting ideas may come to your mind during such a conversation. And once again: don’t forget to write them down, even if your consider your memory perfect. Sometimes it can go back on you.



The last but not least, this source of inspiration is a favorite one for many writers. Just forget about your problems and listen to your favorite music. Yes, I know that sometimes music can distract you from work, especially when it comes to such a creative work as writing. The main thing here is to choose the perfect music for yourself. For example, one of my friends writes catchy texts listening to Skillet and Alice Cooper, while I prefer something… quiet (Enigma or The XX for example).

Anyway, each of us has probably found his perfect source of inspiration already. What is yours?

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