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What I love most about skateboarding, is its culture. Skateboarders tend to be rebellious and always embrace their uniqueness. This is the way it should be. We have to many people in their world trying to be like their idols, but they drown in the sea of trends. Skateboarders on the other hand know themselves and they tend to be free souls.

As a skateboarder, your board is a platform for expression. In fact, you yourself are an artist. The skateboard can be compared to a painter’s brush. You’re free to create new tricks and skate freely. This is a form of an artistic endeavour.

Design has a heavy influence on the skateboarding community. For starters, the skateboard provides a simple blank canvas for designers to express their creativity. Plus, their designs will be seen around town while the skateboarder skates. If you think about it, in a way, you artwork touches every stranger who sees it. You might never physically meet them in your life, however knowing that your creation is being witnessed is a special feeling.

If you’re a designer or a skateboarder, this awesome collected is bond to inspire you. Listed below are 60 creative skateboard designs. We searched the web far and wide to find the best examples for your inspiration. Enjoy!

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URKIN Skateboards

Art is my fucking religion

Union Skateboards 13th season

All Skateboard Contest

The Black Board

Liquid skateboards 2013


Skateboard Artwork

KFD - Zulu Zombies

Nice Japanese Koi design... Nanami Cowdroy

Lil' Grrrl Skateboard - Printed by Tommy Perez Follow

Ripper Skateboards by elna

follow me


Skateboard designs.

Back in 5 Minutes

Hangover Cure Skate Deck by Magnetic Kitchen

LAX to PDX Skate Deck by Drew Melton


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