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You can’t deny the fact that a good looking infographic will attract your attention. This is bound to happen as these charts usually serve up a lot of information in the most creative way possible. How many times have you clicked on an infographic that is eye-catching, even though you might not need the info it provides?

If you’re an upcoming web designer, then you will have to learn how to design infographics as soon as possible. Don’t be surprised if clients ask you to design one for them, sooner or later. If you’re a Pinterest user, then a quick search will bring up some interesting infographics to browse through. This is a good way to start your self-tutorial on how to create a fantastic graphics.

Infographic of Infographics



Size does matter:

If you visit social news sites regularly, you will find a number of infographics there. One common feature among all of them is their vertical rectangular shape. This is what makes the graphic much more appealing and you have a lot of space to add content. Taller infographics work well for topics that have a lot of information to convey.

The main image:

Sometimes an infographic will center on a particular point, and you will need to draw the reader’s attention towards it. This can be done by using a catchy image to arrest a person’s attention. From there, you can add smaller images and content accordingly.

An easy read:

The beauty of an infographic is that it allows you to digest a lot of information at a glance. This means that you need to skin the content down to the bare essentials only. The gist of the matter and important points should remain. There is no place for fluff in an infographic. Looking at the end result, you should be able to get a quick idea of what is being portrayed.

Don’t forget good content:

An infographic is not meant to be a display of color and design prowess. As the name suggests, it is a combination of information and graphics. Make sure you have interesting content to add to the design. This is what makes a perfect infographic. Use the content you have in a clever manner, adding it where necessary.

Simplicity is crucial:

When you start working on an infographic, get all your info and design ideas in order first. Trying to overcomplicate matters will not help you. This will end up in a cramped infographic that looks like a jigsaw puzzle. Settle on a simple design area and work your way forward. This way you can add or remove items depending on the need. Professional design tip: always think from the general reader’s viewpoint while designing an infographic.

Font type selection:

A lot of budding designers think that variety in this section is actually a good thing. However, the use of a bunch of fonts in one infographic is completely turning off from a reader’s point of view. And please stay away from Comic Sans and Papyrus if you want your graphic to be taken seriously. Arial and Helvetica are good fonts to consider in various sizes and weights.

Handling the use of color:

Just because you have a vast colorbank to dapple in, doesn’t mean you make your infographic look like a multi-colored rainbow. Your aesthetic sense should kick in when you’re selecting colors so that you choose the right ones. A few bright ones with other muted shades is a good idea. There are tons of well-designed infographics that use just two colors and end up looking awesome.

Your creative touch:

The best thing about good infographics is that no two of them are the same. This is because the designer has put in a lot of effort to make it unique. This ‘stand-out’ quality is what you should be aiming for while designing an infographic. Make sure you are influenced in good measure by others, but the end result should always be your own masterpiece.

Sites like Mashable, HubSpot and many more are teeming with infographics designed by creative individuals. Browsing through the ones here is a good starting point. Once you form a rough idea of how it’s supposed to be, get down to designing.

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