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The invention of the Polaroid camera was a big step in the advancement of photography. Aside from it being a nice and handy way of taking pictures, how much do we really know about the Polaroid camera?

The Man Behind the Polaroid


Edwin H. Land, American scientist and inventor, pioneered a breakthrough in photography when he devised an instant way of capturing images and printing them. When he discovered how polarization can be manipulated in photography, he created a camera that makes use of diffusion when transferring dye from negative to positive. Thus, the Polaroid camera was born.

Land’s first ‘baby’, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 95, was released commercially in 1948. Since then, people have been enjoying having their photos printed a minute after taking them.

Also known as Land Cameras, evidently named after their inventor, the first Polaroid camera was conceived under the partnership between Land and his physics professor George Wheelwright. They founded the Land-Wheelwright Laboratories in 1947, and later changed it to Polaroid Corporation when Land retired in 1982.

It was in 1963 when the company introduced the film pack called Polarcolor. This particular film had three layers of emulsion that responded quickly to red, green, and blue. It allowed Polaroid users to print the pictures they take in color by combining the complementary colors captured on film. On the other hand, the integral film, whose job was to print the photo minus the peeling of the negative from the positive, was launched in 1972 and built into the SX-70 camera.

Polaroid at Present

To date, Polaroid has given a wide range of products not limited to cameras. The company also offers matching equipment and accessories. What’s more noteworthy is that they’re still producing film even when everybody else is shifting to digital photography.

Even thou people are moving away, I still feel that Polaroid pictures are much more emotional. The entire process of taking the picture and seamlessly receiving in a few short seconds is blissful. I don’t look at it as receiving a picture, I look at it as receiving an instant memory. From then on every time you look at the photographs, your brain travels back in time and revisits the feeling/emotions you expressed.

Clearly, there are still a lot of people who patronize not just the brand but the uniqueness of its method of immortalizing something by taking a picture of it. And to prove just that, here are some stunning photos taken using the celebrated Polaroid camera. Oh, and for those of you whom are wondering you can still purchase an instant camera online. Enjoy!




Bohemian Wornest

morning moon


Tornei-me insano

memories on Flickr






Tornei-me insano




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