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It is a fact that music makes the world go round. After all, can you even imagine life without having a beat to follow, a tune to hum or a melody to listen to? Knowing the importance of music’s role to everyday life, the need to constantly keep up with the times and find more songs to listen to and artists to follow is steadily rising. It’s a good thing that you can have new music to listen to with just a few clicks, especially when you have these websites to help you out.

Music Map

Music-Map - The Tourist Map of Music (20141221)

If a map can help you find your way to anywhere in the world, then a map can most certainly help you find the kind of music you want no matter where you are. The moment you search for an artist, it shows you an entire map of other acts that you may want to listen to as well. The closer the artists appear on the map, the more similarities they have and the greater the chances are for you to like these other suggestions.


TasteKid | Recommends music, movies, books, games (20141221)

TasteKid allows you to explore the entirety of your different tastes not only when it comes to music, but also when it comes to shows, movies, books, and games. When you type an entry on the search bar, like your favorite band for example, it gives you suggestions on other artists that would fit your taste, as well as shows or movies that other people who have similar musical tastes like as well. It hopes to satisfy your interests as a whole, and allows you to learn more about things you may not have discovered yet, but would match your tastes perfectly.

To The Best Of


To The Best Of is perfect for those who just want to concentrate on one thing at a time. It is perfect for those who are just beginning to discover a new artist and would like to hear more from them, or for those who would rather listen to just one artist at the moment. Just type in the name of your chosen artist and you will automatically be given their ten most popular songs to listen to. You can then start creating your own playlist based on these results.



8tracks allows you to play music that matches your exact mood. You can mix and match moods on the main menu, like ‘happy’ and ‘upbeat’ for example, and a list of playlists that match these choices will appear. The best part about 8tracks is that is does not base its results from algorithms. All playlists are made by real people who are more or less experiencing the same moods that you have at the moment.



LivePlasma gives you everything that matches your tastes by connecting other artists that are somehow related to your initial choice. You have the option to listen to a single artist, or to recommendations based on what other people who listen to the artist you searched for are also listening to. It even plays the videos of the music that it plays to enhance your musical experience.


Tubalr - A simple tool for enjoying music videos! (20141221)

If you’d rather have videos to go with your favorite playlists, then Tubalr is perfect for you. Just choose a specific genre that you enjoy, or a specific artist you’ve been listening to, and you’ll be given a wide range of music videos related to your search. Perfect for those lazy days when you don’t really have anything better to do, might as well enjoy some couch time and bounce to your favorite music while watching their videos.


Gnoosic - Discover new Music (20141221)

Gnoosic is run by the Gnod system, which asks you what kind of music you like and gives suggestions on similar artists you may like as well. It starts out by asking you three of your favorite artists and giving you a recommendation based on these choices. You will then start rating each recommendation as ‘I Like It’, ‘I Don’t Like It’, and ‘I Don’t Know It’. From here, Gnod starts building a musical profile for you. This gives you the chance to discover other artists that you may not have heard of before, because it’s impossible for you not to click on ‘I Don’t Know It’ on even a single suggestion from the system .

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