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On Black Friday, people across America run to stores like sheep and act irrationally towards fellow human beings. Why? Because they want to acquire stuff they don’t need. Getting up early to buy stuff that you may not really need just because the price is half off is not a justification for joining the insanity. Unless your purchase is rationally justifiable, you should not be wasting your money. I applaud people who actually use their brain and clearly understand this huge gimmick that people fall for every single year.

Gimmick? Yes, I said gimmick. However, let’s be 99.99% honest….it’s basically a huge scam. I rarely see incredible deals. You have to realize how this operation works. Majority of retailers create these hilarious “door buster deals,” by selling you the worst selling items of the year or getting rid of their old inventory. It’s common sense. Why in the world would they actually sell you an incredible, well reviewed product, that’s highly reliable, made by a quality company, and sold at a loss? Think about it…

Hope you enjoyed the mini rant, now let’s talk about these awesome posters. Behance is packed with talented creatives, and I recently stumbled upon a hidden gem. Back in 2012 Ember Arts approached Caava Design with a special campaign idea for Black Friday “Do More Than Just Shop”. The project does a great job at promoting generosity towards others. I completely understand that this post is a bit late, but it’s not about Black Friday. It’s all about the message being portrayed. Receiving gifts is good, but giving is better. The following posters are well designed and very thought provoking. Enjoy!

Do More Than Just Shop (1)

Do More Than Just Shop (2)

Do More Than Just Shop (3)

Do More Than Just Shop (4)

Do More Than Just Shop (5)

Do More Than Just Shop (6)

Do More Than Just Shop (7)

Do More Than Just Shop (8)

Do More Than Just Shop (9)

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