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Have you ever thought about cleaning your email list? Email lists, too, need a good scrubbing from time to time, to help you achieve the best return on investment from your campaigns.

If you use your email marketing for your business, email cleaning is a must, along with installing an email cleaning API on your website. It is a tool that enables you to increase your ROI and improve the relationship with your customers.


About Email Hygiene

Mailboxes with different home numbers

Email hygiene refers to the process of removing invalid email addresses from an email list. They may belong to people who have stopped using that email address and switched to a different provider. They may also be owned by users that frequently mark emails as Spam and thus hurt the sender’s reputation.

Or, sometimes, there might be a misspelled email address that got on your list because you’re not using the double opt-in subscription. All these email addresses must be removed from your database, so you can maintain a good email hygiene.

A simple way to explain why those emails are supposed to be removed urgently is that when an email doesn’t reach the subscribers’ inbox, it is categorized as a bounce. Having many email bounces is not good for the sender’s reputation. A business should be able to focus on people who are interested in its email campaigns, not the ones who aren’t even clicking on them, and when they do, they mark it as Spam.

Email cleaning is also crucial to maintain a positive reputation in front of your email service provider. If your email list is full of spam traps, invalid email addresses or unengaged subscribers, your email service provider will start to consider your content spam.

The double opt-in helps ensure that subscribers are really interested in receiving emails from you. Consider integrating this two-step process in your signup forms, it’s a better practice that will keep your email list cleaner.

Another option is to add an email cleaning API at the registration point. This complex software validates email addresses in real time. Let’s say someone is trying to sign up for your campaigns and they misspell their address. The email cleaning API will prevent them from registering, thus protecting your list from invalid leads, and also risky email addresses such as spam traps, disposable, and catch-all emails.


Advantages of using an email cleaning API

  • With proper email hygiene, your bounce rate will be lower. A clean list will have valid, active users.
  • Marketing costs drastically reduce as now you know your target audience and you can invest your time and money in people who are interested in receiving your emails.
  • Your campaign stats are more accurate, as you get rid of fake email addresses.
  • After using an email cleaning system, you get a better idea about how many of your subscribers are loyal and want to continue receiving your emails.
  • Conversion rates are higher as now only valid subscribers are at the other end of your blasts.
  • The return on investment improves, as you’re not sending any campaigns in vain, to bad email addresses. Reaching more people means getting better conversions.
  • Overall decision making becomes easier after a good email cleaning.
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