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Arguably, the laptop can be considered as one of the most important inventions in computing technology in the recent years. It has definitely redefined how people use computers, free from the wires and bulky hardware of its desktop predecessor.

While there are more compact computing devices available in the market today such as tablets and even smartphones, the laptop is still an important part of people’s gadgets arsenal – from the gamer, busy executives to the basic users. Buying a laptop is no rocket science, but it’s not a no-brainer decision as well especially if you want to get the most out of your money.

If you’re planning to go on laptop shopping soon, here are five handy tips you should bring with you.


Tip #1: Honesty is the Best Policy

Be true to yourself in terms of how you are planning to use your laptop. This is the first step of any laptop-buying process as it will dictate the system requirements and functionalities that you should look for. Further, it will determine related products that you need.

For example, if you’re a music buff or a move enthusiast and you’re planning on downloading several media files, you would need a laptop with big storage space. Additionally, you would need to install a powerful antivirus software to protect your computer from malicious programs and downloadable media files.

So, before you even read reviews and scout your laptop options, ask yourself: “Why am I buying a laptop?”

Tip #2: Size Matters

Why do you think many brands have come up with ultra-portable laptop models? As people become more mobile, thin is definitely is in. The slimmer and the lighter your laptop is the better. If you’re an events planner who needs to move around to meet clients and suppliers or a writer who needs to go to different places in order to be inspired, then size and weight will definitely matter.

Again, the portability of the laptop you choose will affect the extra peripheral services or products that you will need. If you’re planning to use your laptop in different locations and using whatever internet connectivity is available, then you need an antivirus protection software that can protect your laptop even if you are connected to an unsecure internet network.

Tip #3: Style Matters

Consider your laptop as a fashion accessory with really cool high-tech features. Just like how you select your outfitand the accessories that go with it, your laptop should reflect your personal style and taste. Are you a straightforward, no nonsense type of guy? Then maybe streamlined and traditional laptop looks would be right for you. Are you a really stylish fashionista? Then Mac’s visually appealing chassis and the really striking ultrabooks should suit you well.

Of course, you can always personalize your laptop by adding blings or decals and other add-ons to customize the look of your laptop. However, the style of the laptop you choose should already reflect your style sensibilities on the get go.

Tip #4: Budget Beyond the Laptop Itself

First time buyers think that they need to splurge and spend thousands of dollars on a laptop to get the best the world has to offer. Go ahead if you have the money, but if you don’t, there are competitively priced laptops out there that have both form and function.

When budgeting for a laptop, don’t just consider the cost of the device itself. You also need to factor in everything to get you started which would include applications you need to install and other vital services such as an antivirus protection software. These things are not that expensive, but when added up, you may be faced with expenses you did not expect and plan for. Think of the bigger picture and make sure that you take all these into consideration when budgeting.

Tip #5: Brand Does Matter

Let’s face it. Not all laptops are created equal and there are brands that have better track records compared to their counterparts (it’s the same with your choice of antivirus protection software; there are brands that stand out over the others). Read reviews online. Ask your friends or family about their experience on a particular brand you’re considering. Read industry publications for unbiased opinions and expert recommendations.

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