60 Stunning Pixel Perfect PSD Freebies #2 | inspirationfeed.com - Part 3

60 Stunning Pixel Perfect PSD Freebies #2

41. UI-Element Set

42. Credit Card Icons

43. Numbered Flipboard

44. Simple Slider

45. UI Elements

46. Desk Icon

47. Product box

48. iCloud

49. Music Player Skin (PSD)

50. Image Gallery Design

51. Little Black Ribbon

52. Woodsman Blog Layout

53. Clean & Simple Line Chart

54. Sleek UI Elements

55. Simple To-Do List

56. Blaubarry UI Kit

57. Blaubarry UI Kit

58. Tiny Icons

59. Open Book Mockup

60. iUnits

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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov is a 23 year old geek, blogger, and designer. He mostly spends his time working here and sharing resourceful knowledge with others. He also enjoys weight lifting, hanging out with friends, and losing his mind to progressive house music. If you would like to reach him, send him an email to inspirationfeed@yahoo.com

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  1. HUda Ikraam says:

    cool Stunning Pixel Perfect PSD Freebies,good job dear :)

  2. danyvuty says:

    nice selection :) very useful

  3. Mark says:

    Fantastic number of graphics there, should keep me busy for a while! Thanks very much!

  4. Victor says:

    Nice, maybe in part 3 you’ll feature some of mine as well. Cheers!

  5. Really nice roundup Igor. Some really useful PSD’s for designers to use.

  6. Very nice, 365psd is a great site

  7. Deepak Jose says:

    Fantastic Collection except that calculator.

  8. Christine R says:

    Just wanted to say “thanks”. High quality, varied uses. Terrific.

  9. picked_a_name says:


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