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Most photographers already know the basics of product photography – getting the right lighting, using a white background, changing the camera focus and getting close-up shots. But most of them only know these simple tricks. They don’t make use of other creative ideas which can produce a unique photo. This sort of limited approach can really hurt your product photography.

To help you wit this problem, today we will provide simple yet powerful tips/tricks for taking better product photos.

Shoot at Unusual Angles

Shark Attack Pet Bed

The same angles across several product photos create a generic, plain, and sometimes boring display. It’s a good idea to mix things up in order to achieve variety and uniqueness between different products and product types. It would be ideal to have different angles at least on every product type.

This would allow a better browsing experience for viewers and customers. It’s also important to remember that using different angles may distort a product or hide some of its features. I would strongly suggest to experiment and only use a product photo with different angles if the results look tremendous.

Create a Story or Scene

Having a story behind a product photo will most likely make it more attractive and interesting. People are intrigued by the scene or story behind a photo. In short, it stimulates ‘eye to brain’ interaction. However, it should be kept in mind that creating a scene requires various props or more objects inside a photo. Be sure not to shift the viewers attention away from the actual product itself. Remember that soft lighting (fewer shadows) should be maintained despite the additional props within the photo.

Use Interesting Backgrounds

When it comes to product photos, it’s considered normal to use plain white backgrounds to focus on a product. However, many photographers forget that some backgrounds other than a plain backdrop create a better and more unique feel to a product, specifically the ones that complement the featured product. Thus, using different backgrounds is not only a good idea but a great one.

When picked correctly, a background can improve how desirable a product is and how interesting it looks. In this regard, it’s ideal to use a variety of prints, back props, and colors to experiment with the effect that it produces. Showing how the product will function outside of the packaging, will entice people to imagine themselves using it on a day to day basis.

Hang Products

Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Suspending products is not usual for taking product photos, but when used correctly it produces a unique and beautiful effect on the product. It allows a better view of it, provides a unique look, or creates an excellent style. This trick is known as creative suspension.

Hanging a product to take a shot from an angle below, putting it on a wire, or suspending it upside-down or sideways are only a few of the ways creative suspension can be used. Just remember that there is no limit when going for a humorous, grotesque, or sexy theme. It’s good to play around and take more photos than usual so that there will be a lot of different choices when you start editing.

Use Different Stands

In addition to hanging or suspending products in a photo, using different stands is also a good way to go. It creates the same beautiful and unique effect on a product and adds appeal to the whole picture. One way to do this is placing a product above a book, a wine glass, or any everyday items.

It’s a must to be unique and use a stand that isn’t normally associated with the product, like putting a glass of wine above a barrel or a few books. It is important to try moving things around and see what they look like in a photo.

Go Macro

In a series of photos, having a few macro shots within them makes a very good photo bundle. It makes the series more eye-catching and drool-worthy. It allows better focus or a better look at important features of a product. It also gives a product photo a better sense of attention to detail.

Try Out Reflective Surfaces

Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror

A reflection adds a sense of premium feel and a tad of profundity to an otherwise plain product photo. It boosts the viewer’s perception of the quality of a product. But don’t get stuck with the use of mirrors, this effect can be achieved using various picture editing programs.

The lighting aspect in this trick is crucial because it enhances the reflection of the product. It also creates a better feel to the photo when used in different intensities.

The reflective surfaces that normally create a beautiful effect on a product are water, a glass table, and a side or back mirror. All of which can be done with sophisticated editing software.

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