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Google+ recently introduced a new feature in the form of community similar to Orkut. These Google+ communities are forums where people join and share a lot of stuff with each other. Google has once again bounced back with new features with two types of communities in the form of Public & Private. But before that it is important to understand how a Google+ community is created.

How to Start your Own Google+ Community?

  • Just login to your Google+ account.
  • Click on the Google+ Community tab.
  • Click on the button “Create community”.
  • Select whether you want your community to be public or private. Then after add name, permission should be given, and finally click the “Create community” button.
  • Add a description and also an image before finally moving on to the “Done editing” button.
  • The community is finally created with a popup window coming up and asking you to invite your friends or mail contacts. You can either add everybody or skip this step.

Brand Promotion through Google Community


Being actively using Google+ communities for a while now, I can offer people some good practices and tips which can help them to use these communities in order to promote their brand by utilizing this thing to their full advantage.

Brand Page Owned Communities should be Built

There might be several topics or subjects related to your products or services. Build a community for each one of them so that whenever people think anything related to your offerings, they will always find a community for it. Invite the followers so that they can interact on topics of interest linked to your brand.

Topic Wise as Well as Marketing Based Content should be Posted Regularly

When a brand leads the community, people expect to get a taste of the insights and expertise related to the products or services being offered. This means relevant content should be stuffed effectively. It is similar to a community led by an individual where the independent post does the talking. Such types of communities resemble that of a list of targeted prospects and emails.

A Strong Team of Moderators should be Built

Most people do not join a community because of a lot of spam content present. The moderators might not have all the powers but at least they can remove particular posts which are inappropriate or maybe topics which either have got outdated or are of no interest anymore. Employees, partners or community followers can be invited to be moderators.

Represent your Brand on Other Communities

With the help of Google’s internal filtered search, try to find out other similar relevant & active communities belonging to your industry. After then participate as well as invite the members to visit your community.

Invite the Outside World to your Community

You can promote you community to the subscribers to your email list, on the posts that you have on your blog and through your website. Let users to interact with you so that they get more inclined to join your community.

Customer Service should be Provided using these Communities

Think of having a community based on your customer service. It can act as an open forum for discussion where your people can deal with various issues as well as questions raised by the users. It can even be a platform where experienced fans or customers can share useful answers required to solve several questions.

Google Communities and your Blog

Google communities can be used in enhancing a blog by increasing traffic and getting a loyal fan base. Various ways in which it can be achieved are:

Content should be Kept in the Epicenter

Content which has a personal connection and value is the best way to establish an absolutely strong base of supporters. Such type of content sets you apart as a blogger as well as a brand. However, it depends on your representation and your target audience. They should feel that the content is created with a high level of passion.

Post Actively on a Regular Basis

It is even more difficult to sustain your visitors and get them coming back than to actually build the fan base. Come up with newest content every now and then. Do not serve your fans with stale news or topics. Simultaneously engage them in the comments section to interact with them in conversations. In this way will build relationships and also get tremendous traffic and attention.

Keep Contests & Prizes to motivate them

Freebies and gifts always motivate the visitors to return. Whether small or big, these kinds of souvenirs can do the trick by grabbing their attention.

Business Benefits From Google+ Communities


It is an apt platform to bring together people with similar tastes, interest, behavior and ideology. Even more than that are the various advantages of using Google+ communities for your business.

Establishment of a Private Work Set-Up

By selecting a few partners or co-workers, a small private community could be built which helps all the subordinates to communicate with each other, share professional information, upload videos and photos, conduct meetings and coordinate various events. By searching the community, past internal conversations with co-worker or partner can be obtained. Even discussions can be organized by subdividing the community into categories.

Support & Training

Appropriate support and training can be provided to the employees or customers related to using varied products or services. For this it is advisable to start a public community for customers and a private community for employees.

Project Management

Various Google applications like community threads, events, docs, or hangouts come integrated in a Google+ community. By utilizing them in the right direction, management of the overall project can be done effectively.

Communication with the Clients

A different community should be there for each client where you can share links, events, photos, information, etc. with individual clients. You can even share docs or files with through Google Drive.

Niche Category should be Established

Questions & answers related to your topics should be discussed on Google+ communities in order to establish credibility & authority. You can do this by creating sub-categories and then inserting specific topics under one particular category. Each topic can then be treated as a thread organizing useful and interesting information. This can be made available to the members with a question toward the end encouraging engagement and interaction on a given topic.


Google+ community is a forum or a platform where people join and share a lot of stuff with each other. These communities help the companies to promote their brand by utilizing this stage to display their offerings. With the help of blogging the organizations can enhance a blog by increasing traffic & getting a loyal fan base. It is an apt platform bringing together people with similar tastes, interest, behavior and ideology.

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