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Since 35% of all adults use Instagram and way more teens enjoy it as well, it’s a very good idea to adapt your Instagram presence and make it more appealing. With that in mind, we created a great checklist that will help you generate more leads and customers for your business in no time. Here are some of the best ideas you should use!

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  1. Turn on notifications when people that you follow are posting stuff. You can do that on the profile page, select Turn on Post Notification and it will work just fine.
  2. Make your Bio more appealing with the use of Special Fonts. You can grab these from a website like LingoJam for example. The idea is to just keep things interesting. And if you like a font, you can stick with that.
  3. Go to Instagram options and you will see a list with all the posts that you liked. It comes in handy and it’s just a pleasant, fun way for you to go back and revisit stuff.
  4. Use the gear icon to select options, press Add Account and then you will have multiple Instagram accounts that you can use at your own leisure.
  5. There’s no need to post everything manually all the time. You can switch to a business profile or use HubSpot or any other social media scheduling tool.
  6. The bookmark in the bottom right is great if you want to see a collection of all saved photos. You can create a collection there, and you can easily browse collections too if you want.
  7. Instagram’s Type Mode is great when you just took a pic and want to add text to it. You can do that by pressing the A button at the top. Use fonts, colors and then you can also select where you want to add all your text too.
  8. Show stories highlights. These allow you to share stories for more than a day! Press New and then select one of the past stories to add them in an album.
  9. If you want to avoid liking a picture, the best thing that you can do is to set your phone in airplane mode. Wait for the feed to load first, then use the airplane mode.
  10. Clear the search history by going to Options and selecting Clear Search History. The good thing is that it will delete everything, so you can easily start anew if you want to.
  11. You can reorder filters simply by entering the Filters options and then selecting Manage. In that section you want to drag and drop to reorder, then you have to press Done and everything is set the right way.
  12. You can hide the photos that you were tagged in simply by clicking the three dots in the top right and then selecting Hide Photos. You can choose what photos to hide manually, which is very handy.
  13. You can go to the Instagram tagging options and select Add Manually if you want to approve the tagged photos before they show on your profile. It can be a great curation tool to use as you see fit.
  14. If you want to browse images from a certain location, you just have to search for that location, use Places and then you can select that place. It will automatically create a list with all the stuff you can see from there.
  15. Sometimes you need to add links to your site so people can buy stuff. You can either use dedicated tools that add links to Instagram pictures, or you can just add the link in your bio. Encourage people to check the description.

Instagram is very easy to use and you can have a great time as you find all interesting features out there and increase your Instagram followers. Use these great tips and your Instagram presence will be a whole lot better!

Use arrow keys to navigate

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