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Televisions have formed an integral source of entertainment for a long time now. You can watch different programs from the comfort of your living room getting entertained.

With the introduction of the internet, TV entertainment has just got better bringing you a variety of shows at your convenience. Horror fantasy TV shows are one of the shows that have kept people glued to their screens all through.

To the ones who have not tried this, there is a lot of fun that you are missing. Dark fantasy refers to a component of the fantasy genre with encompasses dark and frightening scenes.

A blend of fantasy in horror is fascinating and can be a great TV show to follow. Mostly, scenes are marked with gloomy atmosphere sealed in awe and dangerous environment. We hint on some of the horror fantasy TV shows that will thrill you.


1. American Horror Story

AHS is an anthology horror released in 2011 and has since had many people talking world over because of the massive entertainment attached. American horror story currently has eight seasons with a total of 94 episodes.

The creators of the series, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk brings up different events in every episode providing a variety and thus you won’t miss out on exciting scenes. Every episode runs for 37-73 minutes, and you won’t want to miss an event. Some of the views are quite scary and may not be suitable for those getting nightmares.

The TV show has gained both praise and critics alike and as at 2011, the first season of AHS (Murder house) was the most viewed among FX network channeled shows. On August 3, 2018, they hinted at a release of the tenth season and expectations are high considering the previous seasons have consistently achieved high ratings.


2. Supernatural


Supernatural can’t get any better, and you will think of rewinding it time and again. Some claim it is the greatest of all time. The series, a creation of Eric Kripke, is one of the spectacular productions of Warner Bros. Television in collaboration with Wonderland sounds.

The storyline builds on brotherly love. The main characters (brothers) makes the series endearing while at the same time believable. Having several scenes of humor here and there makes the show even more enjoyable watching.

There is an interchange between moments of fear and humor full of laughter will make you keep watching the series. Every episode will keep you much anxious in suspense waiting for the next chapter.

Supernatural has a thrilling tone and cool effects under the supervision of Ivan Hayden. Filmed in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and British Columbia, the series background is reasonably good. Supernatural runs 14 season and supernatural watch online will give you clear HD experience of each of the 20 episodes in the fourteenth season.


3. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The walking dead is a phenomenal post-apocalyptic horror TV showed created by Frank Darabont. It is one of the underrated series that deserve much in a real sense. The first season starts with blood-spattered emotions and assessing the artistic merit we can guarantee an 8.5 rating for the first episode.

The AMC production runs the full length, and long may get boring, but this is not always the case. Well, whether or not you knew of whisperers, you can’t fail to appreciate the build-up seen in this show.


4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Stranger things is an American horror story involving fiction. It is a creative property of the Duffer Brothers. Originally released on July 15th, 2016 on Netflix, stranger thing has gained love and criticism from a different section.

The storyline is meekly directed to be captivating and create suspense in the viewers. The young boy is kidnapped, and every beloved one must encounter to overcome dark forces to retain him. It is a do or die situation full of terrifying incidences. There are a lot of old kept secrets to unravel. Is the government laboratory legitimate? The strange little girl will guide friends in finding Will Byers.

The series of mystery is endless ranging from the monsters from the lab to the unnerving supernatural powers. Will Byers be home finally? This question remains to be answered in Season three, keep watching it online. Stranger things got nominated four times for the Golden Globes awards to stump its authority as one of the best TV shows of this generation,


5. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

A blend of drama, fantasy, and horror touching on; lives, love, dangers, and calamities in the small town of Mystic Falls in Virginia. The vampire diaries can well be described as an addictive and original show. The series starts at a low note gaining momentum by every episode.

From the event of the first season, the storyline takes shape, and the whole show becomes comprehensive as you start making meaning of every bit of the show. Parental guidance is advised, and you may get hooked to it.

The storyline is excellent equal to the acting, and the 60 awards are a tremendous testament. However, critics claim its way much overloaded. You should probably give it a try.


6. Slasher (2016-present)


The 2016 released TV show created by Aaron Martin is one of the underrated horror blending fantasy series that you should watch out. The show revolves around a young woman who upon return to her hometown is met with several mysterious events.

Several horrifying murders follow, and Sarah is worried about “The Executioners” next step. New stories and rumors start associating Sarah with the killings. Is Sarah a victim or a murder? Don’t miss the upcoming episodes. So far Slasher has had three nominations winning one award thus laudable.


7. Channel Zero

Channel Zero

A favorite TV show by Nick Antosca comprising of a series of drama, horror, and thriller. The story is built on the mystery surrounding internet Creepypastas and includes Candle Cove. Season one consist of six 50 minutes episodes perfect for binge-watching. Channel Zero is relatively new getting released on October 2016, yet it promises lots of entertainment to the horror lovers. It has already bagged one award in 10 nominations and more awaits.

Horror is a new TV show genre and is increasingly gaining followers globally. The level of creativity involved in the creation of the above series makes them exceptional.

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