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Amazon is a powerful eCommerce platform for online business; but, things can go wrong and can affect sellers and buyers alike. However, most shoppers tend to says the question “what to do if amazon sent the wrong item?”

Fortunately, there is a way to deal with can be a result of deviating from the original order made by a buyer. We look at the detailed guidelines on how to solve issues that occur because Amazon sent wrong item.


What to Do When An Amazon Seller Delivers the Wrong Item

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It’s important to know that acknowledge that receiving the wrong item from Amazon isn’t the only problem when thinking about Amazon delivery. Here are the most common cases that can occur:

  • An accurate amount of goods in bad shape.
  • Amazon’s platform gives extra items to the buyer.
  • Obtaining a product from Amazon that you’ve never ordered.

When reporting this incident, you have to accurately describe the problem and what items weren’t sent to your address. If you’re asking what to do if amazon sends the wrong item, the following advice will help.


Replacing or Exchanging An Incorrect Order With the Right One

If Amazon sent the wrong item to your address, you’d be able to take measures to replace it. First off, you need to have your account for the item’s condition once it leaves the warehouse. You can send it back with the intentions of it being replaced or exchanged.

  • No promotions lead to the sale unless it’s free shipping
  • The item isn’t an add-on or extra item
  • The item isn’t’ intended as A gift
  • The item needing to be exchanged is only able to be shipped to a US location.
  • The item needs to be previously purchased by a credit card.


How Can I Return a Defective Order?

United States Postal Office Delivery Van

We’ve already established that buyers can return their item. Also, to become well-informed about the requirements to make this happen, you should contact your Amazon’s Expert team to ask any additional questions.

Also, to make sure your package is sent back to your seller, the buyer needs to send it back. When buyers are repacking defective items, they need to do it as safely as possible.

Therefore make sure that any important paperwork is sent with the package. The paper work needs to have all of the information ready when the buyer requests to send back the item.

If the error was on Amazon’s behalf, you should expect to receive a full money refund; however, if this issue wasn’t Amazon’s fault, the buyer will have to pay for shipping the item back to the seller. And the shipping fees will depend on the buyer’s returning method.


Overall, you have to be direct once Amazon sends the wrong item. By doing this, you increase the chances of them sending you the correct product. So make sure you talk to them to ensure that you get the item that you previously bought!

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