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In 2014, Gap released a campaign dubbed #DressNormal that encouraged people to embrace themselves and “dress normal.” Gap wanted to appeal to the mass market using a message they thought would inspire them to embrace their authentic selves.

“By challenging the idea of what it means to dress normal, we hope to inspire confidence in everyone’s personal style,” said Gap Global president Stephen Sunnucks.

However, the campaign failed. It turns out that no one wanted to “dress normal.” Fashion and social media have always been aspirational – being normal doesn’t fit into the equation.

Go through a friend’s photos on Facebook or Instagram. The only things posted are the highlights of their life. You may find a post about a vacation to Hawaii or a meal at an excellent restaurant, but never a photo of life’s mundane activities.

Gap ignored this reality, and so their #DressNormal message did not click with ‘normal’ aspirational consumers.

What does this have to do with anything?

You need to get your message right if you are going to succeed at social media marketing.

With so much noise in social media today, clear communication will set you apart from your competitors. This post will help you avoid communication mistakes that many brands make on social media. You’ll learn how to craft powerful messages that connect with consumers, as seen in this infographic at 24 Hour Translation.

This infographic offers tips on developing presentations. It includes information on giving presentations to multilingual audiences. The topics nclude avoiding common mistakes, working with interpreters and translators, telling stories. setting goals and practicing.

Click here for the full infographic.

How you present your ideas and campaign through social media is important in getting your message across to your target audience. Using the details from the infographic above as a reference, below are ways on how you can develop, refine, and launch a social media campaign that hits the mark.

Establish Objectives

To have a successful social media campaign, you must have a clear goal in mind. Without one, your efforts will not be focused and will be a waste of time and money.

You need to know whom you are targeting, where they are, what their needs, preferences, and dislikes are and why they purchase products like yours. You also need to know who you are as a brand and exactly what the campaign will be designed to achieve.

Starting with a clear objective will increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Start by clarifying the goals you want to achieve with the campaign. Each of the goals should then be broken down into several objectives that must be achieved in specific timeframes. You then want to break the goals into small actions that you can take daily.

Profile your Audience

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You need to know the group of people you want to target if you want to launch a successful marketing campaign.

Refining your audience allows you to have a more active campaign as your messaging will be trained towards a particular demographic and not the entire population.

Having a profile of your audience takes understanding the demographics they fall in then creating a buyer persona for your ideal customer.

Forbes advice that you take the following steps to understand and reach your audience:

  • Determine who they are. You want to describe your ideal customer. Get as descriptive as possible (their age, marital status, job, among others).
  • Determine the exact problems or issues that your audience want to be solved or alleviated.
  • Find out the best channels where your audience gets its information and use those channels to reach them.
  • When defining your product, highlight the benefits derived from using your product and not the features.
  • Find out what triggers their BS detector.
  • Find out who they currently consider a trusted source of information or products in your industry.

Decide on the Medium

There are several social media sites right now. You will spread yourself too thin if you use all of them, and your results will be minimal at best.

You should choose a medium that complements your brand and products or services. If you run an interior design company, for instance, you’ll find success posting appealing images on Pinterest and Instagram.

Start with a boom and end with a bang!

Attention spans are getting shorter, especially on social media. If you do not capture your users’ attention fast, they’ll move on to the next post quicker than a speeding bullet.

A good start catches people’s attention, and an even stronger ending makes it more likely that they’ll recall the post later on and so act on it.

You can get your audience’s attention by stating an interesting fact, telling a joke, saying something shocking or telling a story at the start of your post.

Organize the Body

Organize the Body (1)


Social media posts should be short. Cut out all fluff and leave only the meat of the content.

Organizing the body gives you the opportunity to think about what you want to say and how to say it. This will result in a more useful post. Start by drawing a rough outline of the post. An outline will give you a clearer picture of what needs to be said and how to say it.

Rehearse/ Edit

If your message does not come out right the first time, edit till you get it right.

Great writing comes from editing. A bad first draft should not be a big deal if you are willing to work on it to make it better. Here are some tips to put together your first draft.

Tell a Story

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Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools you can employ in your social media marketing campaigns. According to the 24 Hour Translation infographic, people remember stories 22 times more than facts. Stories can help improve engagement and make you stand out.

Freytag’s Pyramid is an excellent guideline to the structure of a good story.

Through the Freytag’s pyramid, Gustav Freytag discovered that most dramatic writing followed the same narrative (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouncement).

You can use this model to increase the dramatic impact of the stories you tell.


Clear communication is critical in social media. You should care about what you communicate to your audience and how you communicate it.

When you master the art of effective communication, you will not have any trouble getting the word out about your products and services. Your customers will also begin to trust your content since you will be addressing their core needs.

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