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There are plenty of articles out there about the benefits of online dating. Of course there are the obvious reasons; it cuts down on awkward conversation until you feel like you really know someone, the sting of rejection is not as harsh as in “real life”, and it is pretty convenient. But as convenient as browsing a large number of profiles in a relatively short amount of time is, there is another benefit to those profiles: creating your own.

The act of writing your online dating profile can be a surprisingly difficult experience, but can also be rewarding if gone about correctly. After all, you can learn a lot about yourself by filling out that personal information.

The Approach

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Before you even start writing your profile, analyzing your state of mind can be very revealing. Are you excited about this? Are you dreading it? Do you know what you want to write? The more confident you are at the outset, the more natural and genuine your profile will end up being. If you are stuck on what to write or dreading the process, take a few minutes to focus and find your center. Chances are there’s a reason you’re on this website. You want to meet people. Once you focus, you can calm down and produce an impressive profile that showcases the real you.

The Tagline

After the mandatory “name” “gender” and “age” brackets, most dating websites ask for a tagline. This can be a motto or just something you feel describes you. A lot of people use quotes. If you are indecisive, choosing the right quote can be quite difficult. Once you finally figure out what you want your “tagline” to be, you have another opportunity for some self-reflection. Why does that saying or quote strike you? Does it describe you or your life philosophy?

Even more to the point, what does it say about you? After all, this is out for the world to see. Did you choose this tagline because it is meaningful to you, or because you want to come across as someone it would be meaningful to? If the latter is the case, why are you putting a façade? The internet is arguably the easiest place to be yourself without consequences. Is there a reason you feel uncomfortable being yourself?

“About Me”

The main section of any online dating profile is the “About Me” portion. Here is where you get to tell people who you are. What is important to you? What are you looking for? This is perfect, because it gives you an opportunity to think about those exact things and take a few moments to think about how where you want to be and how you can get there.

The “About Me” section can be daunting because you want to honestly present yourself while making sure you come across as a desirable person. You want to be interesting and creative without being cheesy or fake. Your ease or difficulty with this task is a display of your self-confidence and level of comfort in talking about yourself.

“About You”

A lot of dating sites let you describe the person you’re looking to find. This, like the “About Me” section is good because it makes you think about what you want. If you can make a list with some criteria or factors that are deal-breakers for you, then you will be one step closer to finding someone who matches them.

If you take some time to carefully craft an honest profile, when people initiate contact you will be able to look at their profile and assess whether they are someone who you want to get to know. If you know what you’re looking for, it’s much easier to find it.

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Posted by Steven Cobb

Steven Cobb is a professional web developer and an amateur dating coach who is passionate about helping men and women find their perfect match. He lives in the Bay Area with his family. Among his current projects is online publishing for, a website that reviews and analyzes the biggest brand names out there in online dating.

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