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Are you looking for inspiration?

Work freelancing means to be in a process of self-development, trying to manage your workflow daily; and it is not that easy without inspiration.

Here’s what I mean: if you are inspired, you start working more productively.

Of course, you can read some successful stories, quotes, or drink your favorite beverage all day long, but there is another way for inspiration growth. To be honest, you can boost your inspiration at home if your workplace is organized.

Don’t kill time. Take a look at this visual manual by OmniPapers first. It is all about workplace organization, and you can find many useful tips while reading it.

Do you like to rest well? You can boost inspiration while resting, indeed. These guys recommend to demark a separate territory which is called a “non-computer zone”. Decorate this zone with some pictures or quotes you like.

In short, this area is for you to relax, so don’t allocate attention across your tasks, plans, and workflow. It is better to take a cup of green tea and enjoy free time.

By the way, do you know that live plants not only clean the air but also boost spirits? Put several plants to  your writing desk to see if such decoration has an impact on your inspiration.

I recommend you to download the above-mentioned infographic, as it can help you take first steps toward your workplace organization.

Do you know other ways to boost inspiration at home?



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