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Guest blogging refers to creating content for other blogs. This is one of the best ways of establishing an online presence for your brand. Here are some tips that will help you promote your brand effectively through guest blogging.

1. Identify suitable blogs to write for

You need to look for blogs which are relevant to your brand. In addition, make sure you choose a blog which has a good amount of social shares and traffic. Since your aim is to get some exposure for your brand, it does make sense to submit guest posts to a blog which has little or no traffic. To find suitable blogs in your niche, you use directories such as Alltop, PostRank and Technorati.

2. Understand the blog’s requirements for guest posting

Blogs which accept guest posts usually have a page which outlines the requirements for guest posting. Make sure you read and understand the terms before submitting any post. Posts which don’t adhere to the requirements are likely to be rejected.

3. Get acquainted with the blog owner

Once you identify a blog which you would like to write for, don’t pitch an idea yet. First, get acquainted with the blog owner by liking their Facebook page and following them on Twitter. Visit their blog and read some of their recent posts. Leave valuable comments which reflect your experience in the niche, as well as your writing skills. This will build trust and will make it easier for you to pitch ideas.

4. Pitch unique and interesting topics

After spending some time getting familiar with the blog as well as the owner, you will have a good idea of the kind of content that would be suitable. However, don’t rush into creating the content yet. First carry out some research and come up with great topic ideas.

You can then write an email to the blog owner and share your desire to be a contributor. To make the email more personalized, it is advisable to address them by their name. Give them several post ideas you feel would be beneficial to their readers. If you have written guest posts for other blogs previously, make sure you include a few links to your best work.

5. Write great posts

Once your topics have been approved, you need to work at creating posts of the highest quality. As you write, keep in mind the blog’s guest posting requirements. Remember to include links within the post pointing to other authoritative blogs. Most blogs allow you to leave a guest bio at the end of the post. Make sure the bio includes links pointing back to your site or blog.

6. Promote your post

Once your post gets published, make sure you promote it by sharing it in as many social media channels as possible. In addition, you need to come back frequently to respond to comments left by readers. This will build trust in you as an expert, as well as enhance your brand’s reputation.

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