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So many people have Facebook pages. They’re the same as Facebook pages for businesses—right?

Wrong. Three-fourths of all businesses have a Facebook page. Businesses also spend money on Facebook ads and how much they’re paying per unit has steadily increased.

But monitoring those Facebook posts is harder than it might seem—and the results can have negative consequences. In fact, uninteresting posts and too many posts are the main reason that people cite in why they’ve unliked a business’s Facebook page. Do it right, though, and Facebook can help build a brand, its visibility, and its community.

There are a number of steps that a business can take to improve its Facebook page. First, they need to spend time with appearance, including profile and cover photos. Descriptions and the About section matter, too: They provide coherent, descriptive copy for readers.

Built-in actions on Facebook can also help you interact with your community; those call-to-actions also offer a chance for you to learn about those clients.

Your Facebook community also wants to know important things that are happening to a business. Both apps and visual content also help to improve your Facebook page. Visual, varied content that relies on Facebook’s built-in tools also help your page to work its magic on your clients.

Whatever you do before customers look at your Facebook page, it’s important for you to interact too. You must monitor engagement and pay attention to what people are saying on your Facebook page in the comments.

Here’s how to do more with your Facebook page, thanks to the tips in this graphic.

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