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Finding the perfect domain name is a very challenging task. Competition is extremely tough, and the truth is the best, simplest, most catchy names are already taken. However, this is exactly why you need to be very creative, and make use of all the possible resources to find a short, brandable, logical domain name that will ultimately bring you the success you are looking for. So what are some practical tips to help you find a great domain name? Keep reading to find out:

Brainstorming technique


Brainstorming is the most popular technique in the industry of branding. Even the most reputable ad agencies use brainstorming as a means to come up with the catchiest slogans, company brand names or domain names. So what you need to do is take pen and paper and start writing down relevant keywords, and some interesting/catchy/fantasy words that might be connected with your niche. For example, if you are selling fashion dresses for ladies, then obviously the word “dress” would be in the name. What other words could be connected to the niche? Words like “glam”, “chic”, “satin”, “fashion”, “catwalk”, and hundreds of other words. All you have to do is play and combine words to come up with something unique, logical, good sounding and of course with something that is available if you check Here you can see domain name search results as you type.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

If you run a quick keyword research online, you can get many ideas regarding how you could name your new business/domain. Keyword research will bring you an indefinite number of results and ideas that you can use to come up with a truly unique domain name for your business. There are many free keyword research tools available online that you can use, such as: Keywordspy, SEMrush, KeywordEye, WordStream, UberSuggest, and Google Keyword Planner.

The power of the crowd


When you have exhausted all other options and you feel you might need some help, then the power of the crowd can be the best. Platforms such as or allow you to get hundreds of available domain name suggestions for about $50. You will get at least 200 to 350 available domain name suggestions that you can choose from, and the greatest majority of the clients of these platforms are very happy with their choice. Of course this is a paid option, but if your niche is quite competitive you might need the help of branding freelancers to come up with something catchy and marketable.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tools

There are many such tools available online, but one that stands out indeed is called All you need to do here is type in a keyword, and the software will generate a list with hundreds of variations and word combinations that you could use to create your domain name. For example, if you are selling natural remedy teas, and you insert the word “remedy” in the box, you will read there suggestions such as “remedy teas menu”, “remedy tea bar”, “remedy tea kettle” and hundreds of other variations. Now, using your imagination a little, it is not even that difficult to come up with a name such as KettleRemedy or TeaBarSeattle. Both these names sound exceptionally good, they have a certain beat to it, they are interesting and they can SELL! You can keep on getting hundreds of suggestions for hundreds of different keywords, and all you need is a little bit of your imagination and creativity to come up with a truly inventing domain name for your business.


It might take some time until you will find that perfect domain name, but it is not impossible. Make use of all these great tools and ideas to put together a nice domain name, but don’t forget to check its availability. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should never try to copy, but be original. Nobody likes copycat business names such as NikkeaShoesUSA (obviously, copied from the giant brand “Nike”).

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