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As the Internet technology advances, more and more business owners realize that the online market is offering great options for business improvement. If you want to achieve better brand acceptance and spread the brand name worldwide – then online marketing is your answer. If you are not familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is time to understand the benefits of it. In this article you will learn the basic tactics of SEO and how you can practice them by yourself.

First and one of the most important things is the content of your website.

Providing site visitors with content that is interesting and unique is surely a winning SEO tactic. Don’t be afraid to share your experience, write about things that you know and that readers could find useful and present your product/service in a proper way. Avoid using duplicate content, because it lowers the quality of your site and the search engine bots could define it as spam (exactly the opposite effect of optimization). Give the good content exposure, make sure it is easily accessible – even the older posts.

Visitor and client recommendations are important.

Let’s say that you already have society, it may be small but out of regular visitors – it is recommended to seek and listen to their opinions. Here a good SEO tactic is to create comment form or place some kind of poll. This will improve your connection with the readers/customers and will show you how they see your site. This way you can meet their expectations and understand what needs improving.

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Posted by Peyo Peev

Peyo Peev is currently working as SEO Specialist at SEO Pal Ltd. - a leading Bulgarian SEO agency.


  1. Add wings to your online business by using a technique called SEO. SEO acronym for Search Engine Optimization helps to boost your website’s visibility in hopes of receiving natural or organic, traffic from search results. It is a tool that helps to increase quality traffic to your websites resulting

  2. I think these tips are pretty high quality and sum up everything you are supposed to do. The only other thing I would suggest is for social media it has social in it for a reason. Get on those sites and interact with your followers or fans daily such as asking and answering questions because this will help you a lot.

  3. Great tips there, Peyo. SEO is so powerful you can’t mess around with it. Play your cards right and your business will bloom. Keep reading articles like this for tips and work hard to get it right.

  4. This is all great stuff. Very useful, but very basic. What recommendations do you have for reputation management for your company and SEO?

  5. Love the article. This is the type of information I have been wanting to learn. I bookmarked your site.

  6. I impressed, I love to read articles that are informative and acutally have good content. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading more.

  7. Dear Friend, Thanks for sharing.. i truly like the same. But, if i already have a website it is continue but not doing work well as others. Is it possible to do marketing at my end? If, yes how can i do? pl. reply.

  8. Excellent bro…
    btw, try to submit it on my site…might will be better…:)

  9. excellent post i allways read this website .

  10. quality is most important than quantity after google’s panda and penguin update

  11. Great tips. I’ll notice more from now on. Thanks so much.

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