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Starting a new blog without hype, is pointless. So what if you just made a new blog, why should anybody care. There are thousands of blogs started daily, what makes you think you’re more special than all the others? If i stil havent crushed your hopes keep reading, i will provide you with some awesome information that will make you noticeable in the blogosphere. Don’t be a quiet person online, be a loudmouth and let people know about you by spreading the word.

1. Plan ahead

Before you launch your blog make sure you made content for the entire first month. Be sure not to create good content, but to make great content. What this will do, is create the “Wow” factor for the incoming readers. Also while you have free time during the first month, plan post ideas ahead of time. This will prevent you from getting burned out of content. Once the reader acknowledges that they found something new and interesting, you can bet that they’re going to spread the word to their peers. Remember don’t copy articles from the leaders in your niche. Be original and lead the way for something new. This is a huge essential key, to a successful launch.

2. Get early subscribers

Create a coming soon static page for your blog. Have an email subscription option, and keep them updated. Also provide a link to your twitter profile, or other social networks where they can follow you. This will create excitement for your blog. Plus you’re already building an email list, which will be very important for your future success. By getting their email, you can bet that you just gained their trust. Later on you can have email campaigns with affiliate selling. Since they trust you most likely they will buy the product that you recommend. Remember not to sell or promote crap. Before you suggest it too someone else, you should ask your self, “Would i buy it?” If you answered yes than its a good product to sell.

3. Run a promotional campaign

Now that you have your coming soon static page, you need to have a giveaway or a contest. Like it or not people love free stuff, it just never gets old. A giveaway will create buzz and exposure for your blog. Give away something valuable, like an iPod touch or whatever is popular on the market. Don’t give away some lousy book or a Cd, because nobody will care. Lets say you’re giving away an iPad. Create a retweet option of that giveaway on your coming soon page.


Win a Free iPad from! Subscribe by email (link to your coming soon page) and retweet to enter.

(Now i know its not the best giveaway retweet, but get creative.)

Now that you have done this, you get a guaranteed email subscriptions and retweets all over twitter. Once again creating a buzz about your blog just from twitter.

4. Provide freebies to early subscribers

Lets say you’re launching a design blog. Make some social media icons, or wallpapers just for the subscribers. It’s a way for you to say thanks and reminding them that it was worth subscribing. The best example I have seen, was by medialoot. They gave me awesome web 2.0 social media icons just for being an early subscriber.

5. Run an ad campaign

If you have some money saved for advertising, its time to spend it. Run an ad campaign in your blogging niche. Find influential blogs within your niche to advertise on. Make sure to only buy the ads for the first month of your launch. By doing this you will get tons of traffic and get discovered by potential loyal readers. You can still advertise later on, but not as heavy as your launch, because most likely you have been discovered by your targeted visitors. Check out buysellads to plan your advertising master plan.

6. Promote your posts

Once you launch your blog be sure to promote the articles on social media. I suggest at least one post every weekday.  Use the free time on the weekends wisely, plan your future and analyzing the stats for your blog. Figure out whats articles are doing good, what advertisements are bringing in traffic, and what your doing wrong. This will help you eliminate mistakes and build success. If you are planning to launch a desing blog use this resource to promote your articles. I can guarantee you at least 1000 views just from doing this technique for every post. From my personal experience this helped me alot.

7. Guest posting

If you want to earn money while promoting your blog, you should look into guest posting. Be sure to publish on the best/ most viewed blogs in your niche. This will earn you some good money, and will also bring in tons of traffic. Once people read the article most likely they will see about the author box at the end. In the about the author box you should contain a link to your website. This will make readers say, “Wow this article was awesome, maybe he has more great content on his website.”

8. Interact with your community

Now that you gained loyal readers be sure to answer their questions, and be helpful. This will let your readers know you care, and will help you gain their trust. Don’t just reply to their comments with “thanks” or “cool.” Elaborate on what they have said, and make an intellectual reply.

9. Get creative

Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Brainstorm on idea you think will help you stand out of the crowd. Do some research online and check out what worked for others.

10. Do something crazy

Make a viral video on Youtube, and send it to all your friends. You can also put it on your coming soon page. Remember to link to your website in the video description box. Now you are getting traffic and creating massive hype. Then once people stop by your website they will most likely retweet your iPad giveaway.

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