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To all the social media freaks out there here are some tips on how to leave your mark on the second biggest social media platform in the world. Be warned, this task is very addictive and the more you succeed the more you want to do it. As this might be hard work the outcome of thousands or even millions talking about a topic you started can be very satisfying.

Be Dedicated

There is no turning back. If you decided you want to trend a topic, you have to work hard until your goal is reached. It is also important to choose a topic that you feel strong about and that you won’t easily change your opinion about. Once that’s done you can move on to the next step.

Tweet, Tweet and Retweet

Let the tweeting begin. Start with yourself. Send out a tweet that asks a question regarding your topic and include the hashtag. Also ask followers to retweet this tweet. Let’s call this the snowball effect and this will create a buzz on your direct and surrounding communities.

Look at accounts that follow you and ask the big ones (with thousands of followers) to also tweet and help you make it happen.

When you see people tweeting your hashtag, make sure to retweet it so that your followers can see other people’s remarks on the hashtag.

The work doesn’t stop here. Now if you think a big company will benefit from your topic why not send them an email regarding this and ask if they will tweet it (because all big companies need twitter accounts otherwise the end of their road are close by). They will probably have thousands of followers so the exposure will be incredible. With big companies I mean radio stations, shops, airlines, fashion brands etc.

Sometimes your topic will be hard to promote with big companies and breaking news sites might help as they are experts with making a topic trend. Usually you can comment on article written on this site. Make sure to comment on relevant articles and leave the hashtag in the comment so that others will see and maybe do.

Promote your hashtag on various other social media platforms for people to see and give their opinions.

Time to Tweet

To make is easier and less competitive, try not to trend when a huge news story is trending. Rather go for times when it’s quiet and the rest of the world is not as frequently on Twitter. So research the trending topics and which country they come from and tweet in the time when you know that country is fast asleep. If possible try to align it with when your target group will tweet.

Something about the topic

Remember to make an emotional connection. Show people they are not alone when thinking about the topic. Make people feel they can unite thanks to this hashtag and get more followers with the same mindset.

Make sure this hashtag is sustainable so that in a year’s time when someone feels like using it, that it won’t be outdated.

Lastly make it memorable! So that everyone will remember the hashtag.

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Posted by Donne Terblans

Donne Terblans is a social media marketing intern at a SEO company, who enjoys all kinds of experiments on social networks with the latest one being how to trend a topic on Twitter.

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