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You might have heard people saying about making money online with Google. However no one is going to exactly tell you how they are actually doing it. Although you can also earn from Google through many ways however in this article I will specifically talk about Google Adwords. Adwords is a program from which you can make hell lot of money in a short period of time.

However you have to know how to use this program. Do not expect results overnight as you have to master tricks of the trade. Moreover in Google Adwords you need an initial investment in other words you must be ready to spend some money before desired result comes. So let’s find out what you have to do.

Bidding Right Keywords

Google Adwords program starts with bidding right keywords. Firstly you have to choose keywords that will closely relate to your product you are going to sell. Suppose your product is about how to lose weight then choose keywords like weight loss, losing weight, how to lose weight etc. For proper research use Google Adwords Keyword tool.

This tool will give you an idea what your other competitors are bidding or choosing keywords. Your keywords could be short tail and long tail. Usually in short tail keywords you have to face tough competition however in long tail keywords competition is relatively less. Choose right keywords only after thorough research.

Create Ads

Next is to create some great ads depending upon keywords you chose. You might have noticed ads showing on the right hand side of the Google search results. These ads are called Adwords ads. You have to exactly create these ads. You can sign up for Adwords and start creating ads there. Your ads must tell all benefits of your products in just one or two lines. Write a compelling headline with some description of your product in following two lines. Then give the URL address of your landing page (discussed below) from where customers will buy your product after they click it. Hence create an ad that catches the attention of readers.

Landing Page

Landing page is where your customers will land after clicking the URL link in Adwords ads you created in previous step. Basically it will be a sales page where you have to persuade customers that your product can really solve their problem. After reading the complete sales page your reader will click the link below and reach the final page where transaction will take place. So do not link transactions page URL in your Adwords ads because Google may not like this.

Analyze Budgets

As I said earlier Google Adwords is not free and you need an initial investment. So let me explain how to set your budget. You have to pay Google in order to show your ads on the right hand side of the search result. There will be many competitors like you competing for same keyword. So Google will place ads on first three positions for those whose biddings are highest.

Moreover you have to pay when some one clicks on your ads. So if you set your biddings and ready to pay maximum for each click then Google can show your ads in first 3 positions. If your daily budget is $100 then Google will show your ads on the top when others are bidding less then $100. You have to first pay then only Google will start showing your ads. Therefore set your daily budget carefully.

Keep Experimenting

Adwords is a program that you cannot learn in one day or one week. You have to experiment and for that you need some capital. Only if you have mastered the technique then you can make a lot of money in short time. However you have to keep experimenting. Choose your keywords rightly. Go for keywords where competition is less. Try out creating different types of ads. For ideas check how others are creating. Most important part is managing your budgets. Keep experimenting with budgets. You must increase and decrease your daily budgets according to the competition.


In concluding remarks I would say first choose right keywords with less competition. Then create eye catching ads with those keywords. Write a good sales page also known as landing page. Remember in your ads do not directly give the URL link of the page where customers will complete transactions. That is the reason you create landing page. Finally set your daily budget. You have to know about the competition. For success keep experimenting.

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Posted by Pritam Nagrale

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