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A nuclear holocaust can be a headache for many individuals and their families. While it may be possible to survive a nuclear holocaust, it will probably involve the mass death of millions of people.

After a nuclear holocaust, it can be difficult to find food and water. In many cases, food or water supplies may be irradiated or polluted with toxic chemicals.

It’s a good idea to gather canned foods after a nuclear holocaust. Since most people in the world will be dead, there should be no difficulty locating an empty grocery store or market. Try gathering as much food as possible.

In some cases, it may be necessary to defend oneself from criminals and nuclear mutants. It’s important to carry pepper spray or a stun gun to defend oneself. While a gun can be a good choice for self-defense, it may be against local rules and regulations. Contact your local government, if it exists, for more information.

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From: Best Health Degrees

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