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To the artist, writers and creatives, drawing from inspiration should come naturally but for some inspiration is hidden; the secret to finding should not be a difficult if the above professions are what they are. At the core of inspiration lives imagination, and for some a mere picture or a piece of music can discover it.

For those of us that hit the creative “wall” sometimes or as commonly used “writers block” we are struck at a certain point and don’t quite know where we can draw inspiration from.

At first we may have a blank canvas but in a matter of time those of us who choose to fill it with imagination can do so drawing from various pieces of inspiration. For example my main source of inspiration usually comes from music, I hear a piece of music and immediately I start imagining something from which can explode into life, it could be a scene from a film in which I create an original one not one that has already been created but one which I personally created from that piece of music.

I have a vast collection of music drawing from literally all genres but when I wish to continue that stage of inspiration of which I left from I simply go back and imagine new places.

For others a piece of inspiration can be drawn from a huge collection of sources at that specific moment, a Photoshop artist can immediately become drawn to a world of their own because they wish to do so, they themselves can go to their chosen place in their mind and on that blank canvas can create astonishing pieces of art.

Now if we originate back to artists in the early centuries from the fourteenth and onwards those specific artists for inspiration back then had muses. People that inspired to create extraordinary pieces of art Picasso had Marie-Therese; Italian epic poet Dante Alighieri had Beatrice Portinari so back then inspiration came easy as for nowadays we are faced by distractions comparing to how peaceful times were hundreds of years ago inspiration came easy.

So how do we find inspiration nowadays, well for those hard-core writers, photographers, writers and creative others it could be literally anything a piece of music which unlock something in their subconscious which brings into light unlimited creativity, a piece of music which takes them back to a specific place or person or simply travelling to a destination to draw from that place and sometimes base their core art on that chosen place.

Going back on distractions some may feel that television and the media may cause temporary difficulty into finding inspiration but don’t be so sure as some feel that inspiration can be drawn from various programmes which they can stumble upon, a nature program perhaps on the National Geographic a piece of architectural beauty from the Discovery channel or perhaps a news story which has touched millions, drawing from the realm of television and the printed media is wicked source of inspiration to discover.

The above are true sources of inspiration as I’m sure any artist can agree or disagree (I refer to the term artists to include writers, painters, designers and photographers). Perhaps though we are missing one of the most inspirational sources of creativity for me though anyway, these are quotes that I discover from time to time and some of them unlock information I never had, information that when I gather I can create something majestic and force me to reflect on my life as a whole (yes some quotes can do this) some of us merely choose to read the quotes then forget about them but those chosen few who apply themselves because of the quote can find it a core means of inspiration and that is a beautiful thing. The quote can serve an inspiration on its own forcing us to create new quotes from them.

Going back to the realm of media and what we choose to see, an outstanding form of inspiration combines the element of music, pictures and for some phenomenal landscapes-Film.

Perhaps this can be for some the greatest inspiration of all, witnessing splendour of art being born right in front of our eyes in striking detail reaches our hearts and minds in ways we cannot even imagine, the vast availability of film genres and documentaries available out there inspiration waiting to happen. An inspiration once entered is guided truly by the human that receives it, and the space of television or going to the cinema can unlock something in our subconscious which can force us in a brilliant creative way for us to create something spectacular.

Certain people may lack passion in their life for inspiration but others do not, that’s how you still know that they have a heartbeat, because they have that passion to create, the passion to persist and the passion to evolve with their pieces of specific art whether it be a Photoshop image, a short story, film or perhaps a piece of music which can go on the cycle of inspiring others and create a positive domino effect of inventiveness and idea revelations.

So keep being inspired, keep persisting and if sometimes we are struck by negative impressions and do not wish to create anymore this should not become an obstacle, keep creating and true reward is seeing your idea inspiring those who wish to create something individual of their own.

To have that glimpse of real imagination and then see it become reality that is true perfection” – George Stavrinou

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Posted by George Stavrinou

George Stavrinou is a filmmaker/photographer/avid music lover from England.

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