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45 Creative Advertising Banner Examples

If you own a business that sell a product or a service it is extremely important to advertise. Without advertising, nobody will know about your product. Now this concept is very simple and you probably already know this. However most businesses design an ad banner quickly, and  jump right into advertising. This is wrong on many levels.

First you need to find your target  market. Then once you found your designated market you will now need to find your niche market.

Example: I want to advertise about my new to-do list iPhone App.

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Target Market: I can advertise on sites like feedmyapp, this will expose my app to visitor that are interested generally in apps.

This is a good judgement, but it would be better to advertise to users only interested in iPhone apps

Niche Market: I can advertise on sites like iphone.appstorm, this will expose my app to visitors who are only interested generally in iPhone apps.

From these two examples you can see that advertising on iphone.appstorm is a better choice that feedmyapp.

Now that you understand the process, you have to focus on designing an elegant banner. Advertising banners should look beautiful, and make the user interested. Now the process is pretty simple. Before you start answer the following questions.

1.What is my Product/service?

2.What does it do?

3.How much does it cost?

These answers will enable you to focus on the most important parts of the product/service.

We hope that that you learned something from this article. Now we present to you some inspiring banners from the design community. These ads are getting free exposure, but you know what they totally deserve it.

1. Uprinting

2. Vandelay Premier

3. Elegantbanners

4. W3-markup

5. Rapidxhtml

6. Sensationaljobs

7. Psd2html

8. Envato

9. Depositphotos

10. Letsfreckle

11. Javascriptrocks

12. Psdtowp

13. Royaltutorial

14. Page-flip

15. Webdevlounge

16. Hippiemagazine

17. Daylite

18. Radium

19. Istatmenus

20. Zeobit

21. Webinvaders

22. Outline2design

23. Photography Theme

24. Myvectorstore

25. Cariboucms

26. Fotolia

27. Icondock

28. Campaignmonitor

29. Kissinsights

30. Pagelime

31. Postmark

32. Beanstalk

33. Dropiormb

34. Firehost

35. Turbomilk

36. Pathfinder

37. Dreamhost

38. Formstack

39. Polldaddy

40. Sourcebits

41. Zendesk

42. Evernote

43. Rackspace

44. Wistia

45. Alltimeprint

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