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50 Fantastic Examples of Beverage Packaging Design

Remember when water used to be free? People would think that you would be crazy to sell something that is offered free. Crazy is beyond it’s meaning, because look at us currently buying bottled water. Even though H2O does not taste different, the bottle does on the eyes. There has been a huge amount of companies that are selling bottled water that contain water from glaciers, mountains, springs, and sewers (just kidding.) At this point and time we are becoming more and more dependent on a variety of drinks. Just look at your regular day and count how many different kinds of beverages you consume. Most people start of with coffee, tea, or juice, then at lunch they grab a soda and a sandwich, and for dinner you might have a nice meal along with some wine, or another alcoholic beverage. Through out the day you will also consume quite a few amount of water(which is a 100% healthier choice than sugary drinks.)

Now what was the point to look at the whole day? The point is that the design field is strongly growing. More and more beverage companies are coming up with new drinks and need designers like yourself to come up with incredible ideas. Packaging design can make or break the product that is being offered. Its a very hard to attract a customer and out do the competition sitting right next to you. Since all the items in the grocery stores are placed according to categories, you tea design better be more engaging than your competitors. To do that task fluently you will need to create a visual packaging masterpiece. The following collection includes beverages ranging from coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks, milk, and much more!


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Igor Ovsyannykov

Igor Ovsyannykov

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